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Welcome back to Spark Social Report by Spark Growth, your weekly source for social media updates! This week, YouTube got a makeover and some new features to go along with its new look, both Instagram and LinkedIn added safety features, and Twitter has a new spotlight option for users. Continue reading for more updates across social media from this week! 


LinkedIn Marketing Insights

Now is the time to market your company on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has reported growth in its engagement and revenue. Here are some insights: 

  • LinkedIn has 850 million users in 200 countries around the world.
  • Revenue grew by 17% through talent solutions in 2022.
  • LinkedIn sessions grew by 24% this quarter. 

Read more on LinkedIn’s growth here



Official Launch of Creator Portfolio 

instagram creator studio

After being in testing for over a month, the Instagram Creator Portfolio is officially here! Creators can make a package that showcases their audience reach, brand work, and pitch to find influencer marketing opportunities with brands directly on the app. Check out some more creator marketplace features from Instagram here

New Safety Feature to Mitigate Online Hate

Next, Instagram has new safety features including advanced user blocking, automated hidden words, and negative engagement prompts. First, advanced blocking is a way to not only block someone but also block other accounts they may currently have. Secondly, the “hidden words” feature allows users to block certain words from being sent to them in DMs or used in comments on their posts. Lastly, new prompts will encourage users not to comment negatively when it is suspected that a post is getting a lot of hate. Instagram is hoping users will rethink their decisions when commenting and DM’ing. 



LinkedIn Safety Features

Moving on, Linkedin is adding some features to help with fraud and scams on the platform. The new “About this Profile” element will show when a profile was created, last updated, and verified info. This could help determine if an account is a scammer with a fake profile. Another feature even detects AI-created profile images without needing to do a facial recognition scan. Lastly, LinkedIn is sending prompts in the message center when there is a sign of a scam. Do you think these features will help with improving safety on LinkedIn? 

New Link Sticker Elements 

LinkedIn has added new elements to its link stickers. Users can now paste URLs, profiles, and page stickers to images and posts on the platform. This can add more ways to engage and collaborate with other accounts. 

Auto-Captions for Video Content 

Next, LinkedIn is improving its accessibility with new tools that allow users to add auto-captions to video content. Captions are especially valuable to those with hearing disabilities or those who enjoy sound-off viewing. Read about LinkedIn’s other accessibility features here!

Features to Improve Internal Mobility 

Finally, LinkedIn has added new features to improve internal job promotions. A new spotlight element highlights internal candidates on Recruiter that meet job requirements. Another feature shows users job postings within their company while in LinkedIn learning. These additions will help companies find talent directly within their company. 



New Communities Spotlight

Moving on to Twitter, professional profiles can now highlight a Twitter community on their account. The highlight can be seen above the Tweet timeline and it is intended to drive traffic to the Communities feature on Twitter. The user needs to be an admin or moderator in the Community to add the spotlight. 



YouTube Got a Makeover 

youtube got a makeover


For it’s 17th birthday, YouTube got a design makeover to give it a more lively feel. With this updated look, YouTube also announced some new features. The one we are most excited about is pinch to zoom! Users can now expand the view screen when watching a video to zoom in to certain elements — it stays zoomed while you continue to watch. Also, the new “precise seeking” feature makes it easier to find the part of the video you’re looking for. Read more about these updates here

Certification for Healthcare Professionals

Last but not least, YouTube is expanding certification for health-related channels. Currently, select institutions can receive a label from YouTube that shows they are certified healthcare professionals. That program is being expanded to U.S.-based health creators. This includes doctors, nurses, and therapists that prove their qualifications.


That wraps up the latest social media updates for this week! Be sure to check us out on Facebook for more digital marketing trends and news. 

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