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Our Philosophy

Our Vision and Values

At Spark Growth we are passionate about health and wellness. This commitment stems from our CEO’s personal dedication to fitness, nutrition, longevity science, personal development, self-care, and living a balanced and energized life. 

We believe that a thriving team is essential for our success, so we prioritize physical health, mental health, and employee well-being. Our flexible work policies, health and wellness programs, and supportive culture help our team members live their best lives, both personally and professionally. This includes providing team members with under-desk treadmills, wellness-focused retreats, and mental health apps, as well as encouraging them to take frequent outdoor walking breaks and “walk and talk” phone calls. 

Our vision is to promote products and solutions to drive positive health outcomes and enable more people to live their best lives. We work alongside clients who share our values to help them make their digital marketing programs more efficient and impactful.

“By fostering an environment where people feel valued, trusted and empowered, we ensure they bring their best selves to work, driving our collective success.”

Our Core Values

Innovate to find a way

We think outside the box to find solutions and navigate challenges. Clients appreciate our resourceful approach to quickly and efficiently “find a way” to achieve their objectives.  

Always be curious

We’re always learning and staying up to date on the latest technology, features, and trends that can be taken advantage of. We encourage asking questions to dig deeper and understand the nuances to inform the best possible answer.

Optimize to drive KPIs

We move quickly and consistently look out for the big and small ways to optimize campaign and program performance, focusing on the most impactful metrics.

Live your best life

We strongly encourage every team member to set personal and professional goals to live their best, balanced, energized life. Our policies and practices enable every team member to prioritize their mental and physical health.