Spark Growth is a certified women-owned digital marketing agency that creates strategic brands and brings them to life online to deliver business results for clients.

Spark Growth’s History

Founded in 2012 by Elissa Liu and Andrew Fried, Spark Growth is an award-winning digital marketing agency offering strategic social media solutions that help businesses achieve their goals.

In 2017, Spark Growth moved forward under Elissa’s sole leadership and became a 100% women-owned and led agency that continues to innovate within the digital marketing industry. Elissa’s strategy consulting, analytics, and engineering background forms the backbone of Spark Growth’s approach in developing creative social media campaigns. Andrew continues to serve as Founding Partner Emeritus.


The Spark Growth Advantage

To deliver the best results, we knew we couldn’t just rely on tools available in the market. That’s why we developed Social Intelligence Optimization (SIO), a proprietary pattern recognition tool that provides deep social media analytics. By creating this tool in-house, we are able to deliver greater value to our clients. Our social media expertise is not only driven by over a decade of experience but informed through the use of Social Intelligence Optimization as an analytical tool to provide unique insights into what works and what doesn’t.

We don’t just efficiently execute marketing campaigns, but we also take an “analytics, always” approach in order to understand and further optimize social media content. To learn more about Social Intelligence Optimization, click here to see how this tool can help your business.


How Spark Growth Makes Data Meaningful

At Spark Growth, we don’t believe vanity metrics are the be-all and end-all of social media marketing — we go much deeper than that. Our campaigns don’t start with the idea of achieving X number of “likes,” but rather with strategic goals in mind that drives your brand’s objectives. We set actionable business goals and use our SIO findings to continually refine the targeted implementation of our marketing campaigns.


Spark Growth’s Brand Expertise

Have we worked with brands in the food industry? Yes. The skincare industry? Of course. Fitness, automotive, and media? Check, check, and check. Spark Growth provides clients with deep and varied social media experience no matter the type of business. We are able to utilize best practices across industries to help brands better connect with their customers online.

One of the key ways we are able to achieve this is by building a strong foundation that puts your brand in front of the right people with the right messaging. To see creative campaigns we’ve launched for our past clients, click here.


Spark Growth’s Franchise Expertise

Franchise owners may be making digital marketing mistakes without even knowing it. Fortunately, franchise marketing is one of our core social media services. We’ve worked with both local and corporate franchise owners and what we’ve found is that franchise social media marketing has its own specific challenges to overcome —  and not all digital marketing agencies are as equipped as we are to tackle them.

Spark Growth has developed unique ways to work with multi-location brands to tackle these obstacles, resulting in targeted campaigns that drive registrations, attract new franchisees, and ensure franchisee ads don’t compete with each other. To read about our franchise marketing success stories, click here.

Spark Growth Executive Team

We’re Values Driven

At Spark Growth, we bring six core values to all of our interactions with our clients and with one another. These values are deeply ingrained in everything we do, driving the way we hire new team members, coach and manage our team, identify clients who are a strong mutual fit, and manage client accounts.

Spark Growth Core Values - Strategic


Go beyond checking the boxes

Spark Growth Core Values - Inclusive


Be who you are

Spark Growth Core Values - Straightforward


Say what you feel

Spark Growth Core Values - Fired Up

Fired Up

Do what we do with passion

Spark Growth Core Values - Resourceful


Find the possibilities, not the problems

Spark Growth Core Values - Results Driven


Set aggressive but achievable goals, then measure and meet them

Accolades & Certifications


American Business Awards

Lauren Karasek, Executive of the Year Gold Winner

Spark Growth named Company of the Year

Emily Clinton, Marketer of the Year

Elissa Liu, Entrepreneur of the Year

BMS Winner of Best Business Services Website Award

Nonprofit Social Media Award Winner

Spark Growth is Women's Business Enterprise Canada Certified

What makes us different

We have a saying around here: “A Like doesn’t pay the rent.” Our strategy-driven approach drives real business value for our clients, and we set and achieve business goals, not vanity metrics. That’s why we guarantee our clients, if we don’t achieve the annual business goal we set together – what we call your “One Number,” we’ll work for free until we do.

Spark Growth iPad