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Could Machine Learning Take Over Advertising on TikTok?

Welcome back to Spark Social Report by Spark Growth, your weekly source for social media updates! This week, advertising on TikTok could look a little different with a new automated machine learning feature, Facebook introduced branded content for Reels, and YouTube has a new ad option for pop culture moments. Continue reading for more updates across social media from this week! 


Digital Marketing Insights 

The NBA is huge on Twitter and your brand could benefit from discussing this trending topic this year. Here are some insights from Twitter:

  • 42% of Twitter’s users engage with NBA topics. 
  • 29% of NBA Tweets come from Gen Z.
  • Last year, 135 million tweets were about the NBA and WNBA. 

Consumers like to interact with companies that discuss trending topics and interests. The NBA could be an effective way for your brand to get to the top of the trending page on Twitter. Learn more here



New Controls for Mentions

“Don’t @ me.” Famous last words that inevitably get you a lot of @ mentions. Well, there may be around this in the future. Twitter is working on new options to limit direct mentions. The new settings allow users to choose “allow others to mention you,” and “anyone can mention” or “only people you follow can mention.” These new options can increase audience control on the platform but there’s no official release date just yet. 



Could Machine Learning Take Over Advertising on TikTok? 

Ready for a machine to do all your ad targeting? TikTok has launched “Smart Performance Campaigns,” where machine learning optimizes ads based on your marketing goals. All you need is a marketing objective, budget, country, and creative assets and machine learning does the rest. While machine learning can help set up simple campaigns for those new to digital marketing, we don’t think marketers have to worry about their jobs anytime soon. A human touch is required to create ad campaigns that really shine!

New Age Restrictions for Live Streams

TikTok has made some changes to its age restrictions for live streams. First off, starting on November 23rd, the age requirement for hosting a live stream has been changed from 16 to 18 years old. TikTok is also rolling out adult-only live streams for only users 18 and above. Before you think TikTok is turning into OnlyFans, that’s definitely not the case. This does not change the app’s policies around mature content but instead, provides a suitable space for those showing content that isn’t appropriate for younger viewers.

StemDrop Initiative

TikTok is adding to its musical elements through a new StemDrop initiative. Users can remix a new song and create a version of Max Martin’s track, “Red Lights.” The new in-app process for creating stem remixes can provide more ways to engage with music on TikTok. 



Music on Profiles

Instagram is testing a new feature for users to add songs to their profiles! This could be a fun way to show your personality on the platform. The songs can be listened to while viewing a user’s content. If this feature gets released, which song would you add to your profile? 



Say Goodbye to Instant Articles

Facebook is officially retiring “Instant Articles” with the shutdown announced for April 2023. The feature was intended for easy-to-read articles shown directly on Facebook. Meta has been continually cutting funding to several newsletter features to focus on other efforts like Reels. 

Collaborate on Facebook Reels

Next, Facebook is working on another collaborative option for — you guessed it — Reels. The new “Invite Collaborator” feature allows users to create a Reel with another user. After it’s complete, it will be posted on both accounts. This is a feature currently available on Instagram and is now expanded to Facebook! 

Branded Content on Facebook Reels

Lastly, Meta has introduced Branded Content on its Reels. Creators can use this feature to monetize their Reels and add a “Sponsored with” tag to the video. Additionally, brands can receive specific metrics about the Reels’ performance. Learn more here!



Moment Blast Ad Option 

YouTube announced a new ad option called “Moment Blast,” where brands can advertise during major streaming events like sports, movie releases, and so on. Brands can have their ads on connected TV, a branded title card, or a masthead placement. YouTube is becoming more popular for streaming than cable TV and even some streaming platforms. These new ad options can increase YouTube’s reach to large advertisers and sponsors. 



New Advertising Tools

Pinterest has two new tools for advertisers! First off, the new Pinterest Trends tool will give advertisers insights into user behavior on the platform. Based on an audience, advertisers can see what’s trending and the top searches to align their campaigns. 

Secondly, Pinterest API for Conversions is a way to connect data and engage in improved targeting and metrics measuring. The feature is integrated with Shopify and Google Tag Manager to optimize its abilities to improve campaign performance. 

Expanding Music to Idea Pins

Next, Pinterest is partnering with Warner Music Group and several other record labels to bring music to the platform! Users will now be able to add music from the record label’s artists to Idea Pins. By adding music to pins, users can increase engagement and opportunities on the platform similar to the elements on TikTok. Learn more about which artists will be available here


That wraps up the latest social media updates for this week! Be sure to check us out on Twitter for more digital marketing trends and news. 

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