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Our passion is creating meaningful human connections that inspire action, whether that’s a sale, a lead or a vote.

What We Do

Spark Growth Branding

We’re a full service branding partner, from research and strategy, to message and visual identity development through to online implementation and promotion.

Spark Growth Web


We create websites, landing pages and microsites that embody brand strategy, engage our clients’ most valuable audiences, and extend the value of our online activations.

Spark Growth Social Media

We find the online communities that drive real, desirable action for our clients end engage them through innovative campaigns and content.

Spark Growth Paid

We harness the wealth of data shared online to deliver the right message, to the right audience, where they’re most likely to take action online.

Spark Growth Email Marketing

Our email strategies harness and foster our client’s most valuable connections, transitioning them onto a platform where we can build trust and convert to desirable action.

Spark Growth Analytics


We’re data geeks, obsessed with understanding the landscape that our clients operate in, using insight to develop sound strategy and constantly measuring and optimizing our results.

Core Elements of a Social Program

Spark Growth Branding

Optimized Platforms

We identify the right social platforms – from Facebook to Pinterest, Twitter to LinkedIn – to find and connect with your audience. We then build custom, optimized brand pages that represent your company on the right platforms for your business.

Spark Growth Branding

Steady Content

Once on the platforms, you must contribute to the conversation there with content on an ongoing basis. We create a steady cadence of highly optimized content based on ongoing analytics that appeals to your audience and drives to your message.

Spark Growth Branding

Targeted Paid

We all share a ton of information about ourselves online that can be leveraged for surgical paid targeting. Using paid advertising, we build an ongoing community of supporters and amplify tailored messages to the right audience at the right time.

Spark Growth Branding

Active Engagement

With all of this in place, we can’t be forget to be social, only pushing messages out. We must engage, with conversation on our owned content, and we proactively look for conversations in the landscape to join and bring value to the brand.

How we’re different

  • We set and achieve actionable business goals, not vanity metrics.
  • We’re a long-term strategic partner that helps you meet business goals year after year.
  • We’re values driven.
Spark Growth iPad

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