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In this week’s Made for Paid recap, we’re bringing you the latest social advertising updates that will help you better target your preferred audience. Here’s what you should know:


Paid Social


  • After allowing brands to create interest groups on their pages, Facebook is taking things a step further to help brands capture the attention of their target audience. In addition to the traditional targeting based on interests, Facebook now allows brands to target people who have shown interest in events on their page, or other related events. Brands will also be able to target based on specific RSVP status. Brands and marketers can leverage this event-based targeting method to serve different ads to audience groups with varying levels of interest.


  • On July 31st, Facebook introduced CPM (cost per thousand impression) Targets on Facebook Audience Network. The new CPM Targets tool allows for review of a publisher’s bid based on CPM rather than using price floors. It will accept bids that are above or slightly below the user’s target to achieve the CPM target. The tool also allows publishers to easily set up location-based CPM goals, which helps users better manage their budget and ultimately generate more revenue.



  • Snapchat has long been criticized for its lack of data reporting on ad performance and ROIs. Fortunately, Snapchat is partnering with Neustar Marketshare, Nielsen, Analytic Partners and Marketing Management Analytics to roll out a new measurement program that specifically measures return on ad spend (ROAS) and sales lift. We are hopeful that this program will enhance performance for Snapchat ads and allow digital advertisers to better reach their millennial audience.




  • Good news for the many AdWords users who found AdWords reporting a daunting task: Last week, Google announced that the Google Slides API has been added as an advanced API to AdWords Scripts. Meaning, AdWords users will be able to use a few lines of code to create Google Slides that present ready-to-be-shown AdWords campaign data. Although AdWords Scripts do require constant maintenance, the convenience of automated reporting could still outweigh the drawback.


We hope you take advantage of this week’s updates and boost your digital advertising campaigns to the next level. We’ll see you next week!



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