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Happy Monday! In this week’s issue of Spark Bites by Spark Growth, we’ve got a lot of updates coming from social networking site Facebook. So without further ado, let’s dive into this week’s batch of social media news!


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  • Yeah, you read that right. Amazon.com Inc is making it to the front pages of social media news this week with a new social feature called Spark (hmm, there’s something familiar about that name, but we just can’t put our finger on it). The platform falls somewhere between Pinterest and Instagram. Spark is available for Amazon Prime members and encourages its users to share photos and videos that other users can then react to.





  • Snapchat is rolling out some new features tomorrow, including Multi-Snap capability and a “Tint Brush.” Multi-Snap enables you to record up to six 10-second Snaps consecutively, meaning you can finally record up to a full minute of your gorgeous dog filter selfies!



That wraps up this week’s dose of social media news and updates! Have a marvelous Monday and we’ll see you back here at the same time next week.

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