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Welcome to the latest roundup of Made for Paid updates by Spark Growth! Here’s your weekly recap of important digital marketing news:




Google announced last month that it will be rolling out a built-in ad blocker in its Chrome browser to block low-quality ads that interfere with user experience. To prepare publishers for this upgrade, Google will soon begin notifying publishers of low-quality ads on their website. The company has already provided a tool to help publishers identify annoying ads, but will now be reaching out to publishers directly. For our fellow advertisers, it will be important to keep ad quality in mind as Google continues promoting high quality ads and hiding those that don’t make the cut.


Paid Social


While advertising on Facebook has grown more expensive in the first half of 2017, there is some good news that will help cut down on Facebook ad spend. Facebook announced it’s going to stop charging advertisers for users’ accidental ad clicks. Facebook defines accidental clicks as any clicks with a viewing time of two seconds or less. We’re hopeful that this policy will help advertisers better-manage ad spend and encourage further utilization of Facebook’s Audience Network.


It’s been a few months since Pinterest rolled out autoplay video ads in its search results and feed. Now, Pinterest is finally allowing all advertisers to benefit from video ads. Advertisers may buy video ads through the self-serve platform, from Pinterest marketing partners that buy ads through the site’s API, or through Pinterest account managers. Videos can be created in any shape or form desired, and unlike Snapchat or Instagram, there are no hard guidelines on video length. In fact, Pinterest videos can be as long as 30 minutes. We’re looking forward to seeing advertisers unleash their creativity!


After allowing advertisers to create their own ads on Snapchat, the company is now introducing a new advanced ad kit which assists advertisers in the ad creation and performance evaluation processes. The new kits include a bulk-edit feature, which allows users to create multiple ads at once and provide a high level of control. Snapchat has also been partnering with third-party auditors to explore better ad performance measurements. As a result, the new advanced ad kits allow advertisers to set additional campaign goals, including reach and accuracy.


That’s it for digital advertising updates this week. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you around next week!

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