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Happy Friday! We’re back with another Made for Paid rundown. Things have been relatively quiet this week in the social media advertising department, but we do have some interesting SEM news to share. Let’s dive in!



  • On Tuesday, Google officially announced that it will start displaying Sitelinks in carousel format for mobile search results. Sitelinks are groups of additional links placed under the main search result that allow viewers to jump to related sub-pages directly. Now that the change has been implemented, paid advertising users should pay close attention to the order in which Sitelinks are displayed. Without strategically prioritizing the Sitelinks, you may lose valuable clicks from your target audience. It could also be worthwhile to create different ad groups to test for optimal Sitelink order. By zeroing in on the most successful Sitelinks, you can expect to drive even more clicks from your ad campaigns.  



  • As a competitor of Google, Bing is stepping up functionalities in both search and paid advertising to be on par with the tech giant. Last month, Bing introduced a series of competitive metrics that allow Bing Ads users to better understand their campaign performance. Some of the metrics include: impression share lost to budget or bids, rank, ad relevance, and more. With access to this data, Bing Ads users can quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of their campaigns and adjust accordingly.


That’s it for this week’s round of Made for Paid updates. We look forward to bringing you more news at the same time next week! See you around!


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