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At first, handling digital marketing completely in-house may seem like a strategic way to save on expenses. However, did you know that partnering with a digital marketing agency can help your team streamline your campaigns and drive more revenue?

Check out three reasons why working with a digital marketing agency can help take your marketing to the next level and make your brand stand out from the competition.


Leverage Expert Digital Marketing Knowledge

One of the biggest benefits of partnering with a digital marketing agency is that in-house marketers at a company get to leverage expert knowledge. Agency marketers are experienced and know what works and what doesn’t. They’ve partnered with many different clients, and unless they’re an industry-specific agency, they have worked across multiple different industries as well — which provides even more insights.

In other words, by working with an external marketing agency, you’re not starting from scratch — which means your business can get a head start compared to competitors who may be managing their digital marketing in-house and are unsure how and where to begin.

Partnering with a digital marketing agency also gives businesses access to a diverse range of specialized skills: project managers, social media strategists, content creators and copywriters, graphic designers, digital analysts, and more!

These individuals work as a team to create innovative, customer-centric digital marketing programs with messaging that appeals to your target audience. Read our case study about one of our award-winning digital marketing programs for a special pharmaceutical product!


Streamline Digital Marketing Campaign Execution

Working with a digital marketing agency also boosts efficiency. Think of a partner agency as part of your team — but one that is working remotely! With streamlined processes in place, external agencies are often more agile and can get your business from A to Z by implementing more optimized workflows and decision-making processes.

That’s why many businesses enjoy working with a boutique digital marketing agency over a larger one. Smaller agencies have the benefit of being nimble, they can implement the latest trends more quickly, and they are fully immersed in their client’s brand.

It’s not just about speeding up campaign execution and supporting in-house marketers so that they can turn their attention back to other core business objectives. Some external agencies, such as Spark Growth, offer strategic expertise on how to reach your KPIs (key performance indicators). Any marketer knows that setting goals is important, but it can be difficult to figure out a plan on how to get there. That’s why our team takes a strategic approach when it comes to developing the overall digital marketing program and its content.


Enhanced Digital Marketing Creativity and Innovation

Last but not least, a third benefit of partnering with a digital marketing agency is that this relationship provides brands with fresh perspectives and infuses creativity into stale campaigns and marketing projects.

External agencies inject innovative and creative solutions into campaigns — perhaps concepts that marketers may not have thought about before. Specialized marketing agencies are on top of marketing news and trends, and engage in activities such as building audience personas to better understand the customer your brand wants to target.

Check out how we got creative in this award-winning marketing campaign about mental health.


Amplify Your Digital Marketing ROI

For in-house marketers who are struggling to manage all of the different marketing activities, or those who want to amplify their ROI (return on investment), it’s time to explore collaborative opportunities and consider the positive impact they can have on your digital marketing strategies.

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