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What You Need To Know About Meta’s Threads

Threads may be a new app, but it’s already made a big impact on the social media landscape. The question is can it keep up its momentum?

Here are five things you need to know about Meta’s Threads social media app!


#1: Threads is a Total Twitter Clone

There’s no denying the similarities between the two apps. Threads is basically a Twitter clone, right down to the layout and style of the newsfeeds, the “hearts,” and other features. While Threads may be a “clone,” that might not be a bad thing as Meta is aiming to fill a gap in the social media landscape.

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has fundamentally changed how this social media platform works. The updates since late last year have driven many loyal Twitter users away from the app. Musk’s updates include more emphasis on subscription services (including moving once-free features to the paid service), a lack of clarity with account verification, ending free API access, and more. On top of this, Twitter is even losing its identity after Musk’s “X” rebranding.

Twitter used to be a unique social media platform, iconic for its focus on short-form content and ease of use. As Twitter — or “X” — becomes farther removed from its original concept, users hungry for short Tweets may soon find themselves writing short Threads instead.


#2: Threads’ Meteoric Rise and Fall (and Potential Rise Again?)

Move over ChatGPT, there’s a new champion in town@

While the generative AI tool had held the record for the fastest-growing app in history, its crowning moment was short-lived. In early July 2023, Threads, the newly launched social media platform, amassed over 100 million users in less than five days.

That being said, by the end of the same month, reports showed that the app saw a 70% decline in daily active users, with only 13 million daily active users.

Those looking for a true “Twitter-like” experience found themselves disappointed as key features were missing, including desktop functionality and being able to search for topics.

However, Meta is hoping to rebound from this by quickly adding new features in an effort to draw more active users to its platform.


#3: Threads is Technically a Part of Instagram

For better or for worse, Threads is a part of the Instagram app. For now, you need an Instagram account before you can sign up for Threads. This is a pretty big limitation—and if Threads wants to be as successful as other social media platforms, they’ll need to lose this requirement in order to attract users who don’t have an Instagram account.

However, there are benefits to being a part of Meta’s social media ecosystem. Consider the close connectivity between Facebook and Instagram, where users can cross-post their content.

The Threads app isn’t being developed in a vacuum, and Meta is by no means a social media startup company! We do expect features to be rolled out on Threads at a faster pace when compared to other social media apps that might not have the deep experience that Meta has.


#4: There are some key differences between Threads and Twitter

Here are three ways Threads and Twitter are different:

Post length:

A Tweet on Twitter is 280 characters (though for Twitter Blue subscribers, you can write an entire article’s worth of content). In contrast, Threads’ character limit is 500, which is more than your standard Tweet but less than what you can write on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn.


Twitter has had ads for the longest time, but as we mentioned above, there’s a very strong push to get users to subscribe to Twitter Blue (which costs around $8/month). Blue subscribers get access to perks like longer Tweets, a Tweet editing feature, and the ability to read more Tweets per day.

In contrast, Threads is free — for now, at least. But as with all social media platforms, expect ads to appear on the app one day. Because it’s under the “Meta” umbrella, we do expect to see cross-functionality between Facebook and Instagram’s social media marketing features.


Twitter users can share up to four items in a single Tweet, while users on Threads can share up to 10 items. Interestingly, posting multiple photos and videos in a single Thread formats them as a carousel that’s easily swipeable, just like on Instagram.


#5: The Threads App Isn’t Available for European Users

While Threads launched globally in early July, not everyone was able to get in on the fun. Europe’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) means that Meta can’t release its app for European users. At the moment, there aren’t any plans to release Threads in that region. The DMA was established to protect user privacy and data usage.


Will You Be Using Threads Instead of Twitter?

With Musk renaming Twitter to “X” in an attempt to turn the social media platform into an “everything” app, could this open the door for a Threads resurgence?

Only time will tell! For now, whether you’re Tweeting or Threading, it seems like the social media world is continuing to evolve.