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While other digital advertising key players were quiet this week, Facebook and Google unveiled some powerful new digital marketing features. Check out our summary:

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  • Facebook
    • Retargeting, a digital marketing method which tracks and advertises to customers who have previously interacted with your business, has been widely used by online marketing experts. It is effective because retargeting differentiates new, potential customers from returning customers. It enables advertisers to provide personalized ads for audiences at different points in the buying cycle. To further improve the performance of Facebook retargeting ads, Facebook is adding videos and product prices in its shopper-retargeting Dynamic Ads format. With the new addition, Facebook advertisers can better capture viewers’ attention and increase website click-through rates.


    • Remember the good old days when the majority of your family’s buying decisions were influenced by TV ads? Facebook is about to do the same. On Tuesday, Facebook introduced the new household audience targeting feature. Digital marketers can now target their ads to an entire household or family unit. This means when one family member sees an ad on Facebook, other family members will also see the same ad. So, the next time you see an ad for a 7-day all-inclusive trip to Cancun, don’t be surprised if your Dad mentions it at the dinner table. Facebook may have already given him a heads up.



  • Google:
    • Are you the only person reading the emails in your Gmail inbox? The answer is no — until recently. Google has been known to scan user’s emails to understand their potential buying needs, and deliver appropriate advertising content to those users. On June 23rd, Google announced it will stop analyzing people’s email for advertising purposes. Instead, it will collect related advertising information solely through other Google services. It’s still too early to tell how this update will impact Google’s online advertising service, but it does look like a victory in protecting internet privacy.


    • Although not yet available to all users, Google AdWords has rolled out some exciting features for beta users in the new interface. Some of the updates include: promotion extensions to tag specific offers under text ads, household income targeting in Search Network, and a new audience page where users can manage audience targeting and optimization in the same place. According to Google, the new AdWords experience will be available for all users by the end of 2017. We look forward more features that bring marketing on AdWords to a new level.


Landing Page:

  • Google:
    • Google is constantly optimizing viewers’ landing page experience, especially on mobile. After announcing a partnership with Brotli Compression to reduce loading time for Google display ads, Google introduced Test My Site, a website where users can type in any url to test its loading speed on mobile. Test My Site also offers industry comparisons and tips for improving mobile loading speed specific to the url. And, if you’re eager to learn more, you may have a free report sent to your email address.


That’s it for this week’s digital marketing updates. We hope you have a wonderful weekend in the summer heat (like Pusheen), and we’ll see you around next week!


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