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How to Email Market Effectively (And Why You Should)

By April 24, 2018May 3rd, 2024No Comments

In a new post, Social Media Today has shared an infographic from Prestige Marketing Inc., showing how to effectively use Email marketing.  Many companies have abandoned email marketing in favor of social and digital marketing.  This post shows just how valuable a well-made email campaign can be in conjunction with the aforementioned methods.  The fact of the matter is that many customers still prefer e-mail promotion to other formats.  Here are some highlights from Social Media Today’s post:

  • Basic E-mail Marketing Stats
    • 64% of potential customers prefer professional e-mails as opposed to 8% that prefer promotional social media posts
    • When a consumer makes a purchase through a marketing e-mail, they spend 138% more than those who do not receive offers through e-mail
  • Best Practices:
    • Subject Lines
      • Keep it under 50 characters and include a special offer, this increases open rates by 50%
      • 85% of users rely on subject line when deciding whether to open an e-mail or not
    • Visuals
      • Place your logo in the upper left corner
      • Stick to less than three typefaces
      • The maximum pixel width of successful e-mails is 600
    • Content
      • Avoid words like “sale” and “cash”, this brings spam to consumers’ minds
      • Only deliver relevant information to customers
    • Calls-to-action
      • One call-to-action per e-mail
      • 55% of recipients will forward emails with promotions or campaigns to friends and colleagues
    • Mobile Optimization
      • 70 million consumers in the United States check their e-mail on mobile devices


In summary, while e-mail marketing might not be the quickest and easiest way to promote your company, studies show it might be the most effective (if you do it right). Click here for the full infographic.

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