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How to Establish Your Company’s Social DNA

By April 24, 2018May 3rd, 2024No Comments

In a recent post in Social Media Today, the author delves into the subject of how to make your company more social.  Social media is not a trend, it is the wave of the present (and future) and therefore isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  It is up to your company to stay with the times and embrace social media, or risk the consequences of getting left behind.  Although you might be into the idea of becoming a more social brand, you will inevitably run into a number of obstacles.  Here are a few steps to help you find your Social DNA.

  • Find an upper level executive that is on board with social, or at the very least is willing to experiment with the idea.
    • This will be easier than trying to convert those that are sorely against the idea, and will make your path to social success that much easier.
  • Once you’ve got some support from a higher-up, you are ready to begin your Social Genome Mapping.
  • You are now ready to build a “social team” that should meet regularly to discuss specific strategies that can help make your company more socially interactive.
  • After the team is aligned, you will be able to implement the strategies you have discussed in your meetings.
    • This final step is possibly the most important of all.  You’ll now be able to track how your social strategy is performing and leading to increased customer connectivity.

Please click here to read the full post.

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