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Welcome back to another week of social media updates in Spark Growth’s Spark Social Report! This week, Facebook has introduced a forwarding limit on Messenger and YouTube has added glee to the lives of sports fanatics by launching NFL Network. It’s been a busy week of social media updates so keep reading to catch up on them! 


Facebook has taken steps to safeguard personal data and curb the spreading of misleading news by introducing a forwarding limit on Messenger. Now, users can forward a certain message to not more than five friends or groups at a time. Although the advent of social media has certainly improved access to information, during the pandemic especially, it has also contributed to an increase in incorrect information. With the internet at our fingertips, news and events spread quickly in no time. Imposing a limit on forwarding content on the Messenger will hopefully reduce the snowballing of misinformation and harmful content. This feature aims to provide another layer of protection on people’s chats, making Messenger a safer online space. 

Next, Facebook announced on September 3 that they have enabled users to transfer their Facebook photos and videos directly to two data storage services—Dropbox and Koofr. The company wants users to be able to move data safely and securely among different data portability platforms. Users can access this tool in Facebook settings and can enjoy private online storage for all their files, all in one place.


One more development this week that will make gamers rejoice! Facebook announced that starting September 15, all gaming applications can incorporate Facebook’s Gaming Services across both Android and iOS. For those who are not familiar with Gaming Services, it is a program that enables game developers to increase their reach and build user loyalty by having Facebook prompt an option to login with one’s Facebook credentials anytime someone wants to play a game. Integrating with Facebook will help gaming applications tap into Facebook’s database and also incorporate social features such as Player Finder, Sharing for Gaming, and Gaming Activity. This will eventually save users the hassle of remembering their gaming credentials. A win-win for all!


YouTube has the most exciting news for all sports fans who are glued to their screens during all the big games. On September 11, YouTube launched the most awaited channel NFL Network ahead of the NFL 2020 season. This initiative will now let fans watch not only live games but also popular shows like Good Morning Football, NFL Now, and NFL Total Access. This isn’t the only addition the video-streaming app has made. It also introduced a dream of an add-on package for sports lovers:- Sports Plus. This package includes seven sports networks— NFL RedZone, Fox College Sports, GolTV, Fox Soccer Plus, MAVTV Motorsports Network, TVG, and Stadium— for only $10.99 per month.

To better the live streaming experience, YouTube has set in motion some avant-garde features in motion.

  1. Key plays view: In case you’re running some errands and miss some of the breathtaking moments from the game, you can track them and watch them later if you’ve saved them to your DVR with ease. You can even filter down the epic moments from your star players.
  2. Scores view: Want to keep tabs on scores of other games being played simultaneously? You simply have to tap on “Scores” to switch back and forth making it smooth for you to keep up with a couple of teams at once.
  3. Stats view: Live streaming becomes more fun if you can check real-time stats as you watch the game, yes? Now, you can track all the game stats and your favorite player’s performance by tabbing over to “Stats.”
  4. Spoiler mode:  As much as we want to predict the course of the game, spoilers are always a bummer. But now, you can hide all the scores until you finish watching a game if you’ve saved it for later. Your friends may but YouTube won’t give you any spoilers!

That’s it for this week’s Spark Social Report! For more social media news, digital marketing tips, and more, follow us on Twitter.

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