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Spark Bites: Pinterest, The Modern Day Stylist

Happy Friday, fashion-savvy friends!

This week on Spark Bites, we take a closer look at social media updates from Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Facebook is working on a preview button for posts, Twitter is bringing back a desktop feature we never knew we missed, and Pinterest has new updates which are similar to having a stylist-on-call.



For anyone who is the admin of a Facebook page, whether that be for a gaming club, or an extracurricular or school-related event: this new feature in the works may be handy for you.

Facebook is rumored to be working on a preview button for new page posts. This means that before you hit ‘post’ for the world to see, you will be given an option to see a preview of what your text and/or graphic would look like.

This is also a good way to spot any mistakes in a post before it goes out.





Twitter has announced that its application for the Mac and iPad is coming back!

It used to be available on the desktop versions, but when social media was in its enfant stages, Twitter decided to focus their attention on perfecting the mobile versions instead.

On the company’s internal blog, Twitter says to “expect great things like resizable windows with dynamic content, multiple windows support, native notifications, and drag & drop keyboard support.”

They also share with us that there may even be a few new exciting features that have not yet been available on mobile devices. We’re keeping an eye out!

Lastly in this week’s news, Twitter has a current glitch in their system that has been telling some users when people unfollow them… eek! Don’t worry, we’re sure this problem will soon be fixed. Just don’t go on that social media unfollowing cleanse just yet.





Pinterest, the preferred platform of moms and DIYers alike, has announced the Pinterest partner marketing program. Although announced in 2015, the core ad program is expanding internationally and its main goal is to make Pinterest more accessible using third-party technology and business communities. Pinterest has partnered with ecommerce companies to enable more shopping experiences, some of which include WooCommerce, Square Online, and shopping platforms such as Shoppable and MikMak.

Lastly, the update we’ve been excited for: the Pinterest ‘complete the look’ tool! This will elevate the search for outfit inspirations for any occasion to the next level. The tool allows users to easily find pieces to complete their outfits based on search history, color scheme, style, etc. Pinterest has stated that the tool will “help people discover new ideas visually, even when they don’t have the words to describe what they’re looking for.”

This honestly sounds like a dream come true because sometimes, a job interview outfit should be more diverse than a button-down shirt and dress pants and we could use the extra help.


Those are all the updates we have for this week, Spark Biters. Stay fresh!