Spark Bites: Refreshing New Social Media Updates

Thirsty for some new updates, Spark Biters?


Well, let’s hit that refresh button and feel refreshed, because these social media updates from LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook aim to enhance your overall user experience! LinkedIn is attempting to create a more personal networking experience, Twitter is testing a “hide replies” feature, and Snapchat is stepping it up with its multi-snap option, Bitmoji responses, and event invitations.


Take a breather and unbutton that shirt a little! We might be on LinkedIn to network, but who says we can’t be friendlier about it?


The professional networking platform is rolling out new features… but nothing we’ve never seen before.

The updates include personal photo-tagging, video messaging, and reactions to posts beyond the traditional “like,” including “curious,” “insightful,” “celebrate,” and “love.”

Many might consider these features basic because they already exist on other popular social media platforms. However, these small changes enable all individuals, from industry novices to executives, to further engage in conversation and build genuine connections.

Additionally, LinkedIn now allows users to share powerpoint presentations and PDFs in their feed, so professionals can share ideas, pitches, and information.



For times when you “can’t even” when scrolling through your Twitter feed… there’s a feature for that.

Reverse engineering expert Jane Wong, who is the source of most rumored-then-true social media updates, has announced the testing of Twitter’s new “hide replies” option. The option would allow the user to hide individual replies so they don’t appear to other users in the thread of the original tweet. We imagine this feature would be useful for any unwanted or hateful replies.

But of course, if the person on the receiving end has a private account on Twitter, this feature would be redundant, as we all know how interactions between a private and public Twitter account looks like to those that don’t follow the private account.





Guess who’s finally getting some updates?

Snapchat is rumored to be working on multiple new updates that are reminiscent of the app phenomenons Vine or its spiritual successor TikTok, both of which have centred around creating and sharing very short videos.

The first one is a new “multi-snap” option. This feature allows users to take a string of still image snaps in the composer and post them all at once. This would be ideal for more planned, structured snap sequences. Currently, multi-snap is only available for video clips.

The next potential feature is the Bitmoji sticker tray, which would allow users to respond to their friends’ stories quickly with Bitmoji sticker reactions. This feature is described as being similar to the capabilities of Bitmoji on iMessage.

And for the ease of your social needs, this last update is something to look forward to.


Snapchat is planning to release an event-invitation feature which will allow for you to easily organize your next social gathering, including the details on time and place. Invitees will then have the option to join a group chat, possibly to discuss how many bags of Doritos is considered too many Doritos to bring to the party.

And those are your updates for this week Spark Biters, remember to stay hydrated in the meantime!