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Welcome back, Spark Biters! It may be hard to imagine, but Easter has already ended. As we spent time with our loved ones and extended family, we didn’t forget about you, our virtual family!

These “egg-citing” social media updates we’ve uncovered will have you hopping down the rabbit trail for more chocolatey treats, so listen up! LinkedIn is a newcomer to the reaction game, Bumble extends their reach through a print magazine, Facebook is testing swipeable news feeds, TikTok wants to hire campus ambassadors, and Twitter is working on a “hide replies” feature.

Get your pastel-colored baskets ready, your fingers set to scroll, and go on to collect the Easter eggs we have waiting in store.


The first stop is LinkedIn, and it’s got some juicy goods. Specifically, LinkedIn wants a seat with the cool kids.

To encourage engagement, the business-oriented social media network is introducing reaction emoticons. No need to get worried, Facebook…

With a more professional flair than Facebook’s reactions, users can use reactions such as “celebrate” to show some love to their connections’ new endeavors, “insightful” for words of wisdom, and “curious” for topics we haven’t fully grasped but still want recognition for being woke about.

The new reactions feature is rolling out to all members in the coming up months on the website and mobile app. At ease, soldiers! This scenario is an all-around win for everyone. Let the hunt continue.


These Bumble eggs won’t be for the faint of heart. They come with stakes and elaborate updates: high risk and high reward.

Risk is the keyword for Bumble this week, as the company embarks on a journey towards the publication business. In an attempt to extend its reach, the dating app has partnered with Hearst Magazine to give users a Bumble Mag. Weird flex, but okay?!

The cover of the first issue features Lauren Chen, a fashion entrepreneur behind a plus-size workwear company. The 100-page premiere issue includes elements that are familiar to Bumble users, such as “You + BFFs,” “You + Dating,” and “You + Bizz.” These sections correspond with the app’s different modes, such as Bumble Bizz, Bumble Date, and Bumble BFF.

The editorial team plans to expand their sections to incorporate actual followers and deliver us REAL advice in the ambiguous realm known as online dating. The magazine will be available in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Print publication has been labeled by some as a dying industry, but the thrill of Bumble’s quest is just as sweet as any Easter egg hunt…


With all these colorful eggs hidden in concealed areas, our favourite app researcher Jane Manchun Wong is saving us once again with a helpful scoop.

Her keen code-scouring eyes spotted Facebook newest test: swipeable News Feeds. The prototype has combined News Feeds and Stories into a swipeable carousel. In a Tinder-esque fashion, users would be able to swipe or tap the content to scroll from left to right.

A spokesperson from Facebook has officially confirmed this feature is at an early-stage and that the social media giant is still conducting research before launching any public experimentation.  

Props to Jane for those clues!


And now we have come across someone else who’s searching for some “good eggs,” so to speak.

TikTok is hiring only the best students to become campus talent ambassadors and attract new users for the spring semester. According to the company’s LinkedIn ad, college students hired by TikTok will be promoting the brand and incentivizing other students to upload content in exchange for free prizes.

The job listing for campus talent ambassadors is targeted at 17 U.S. colleges, including Florida, Northwestern, University of Chicago, and Illinois.

As for our own Easter festivities, we offer no incentives to join in, but we know you will anyway. 😉


We saved our favorite bird for last: Twitter is where you’ll find the final golden egg

Twitter has been working hard to take on the abuse and spam that plague our digital neighbourhood.

In June, the app will enable users to hide replies to their tweets. Twitter’s intention with this new update is to protect people from abusive comments without stifling conversation.

Our digital streets will soon be safe! The coast is clear to collect your rare prize.

Our Spark Bites Bunny was hard at work scurrying to find the best spots for his colorful updates. Alas, you’ve managed to populate your basket: now it’s time to devour your seasonal surprise! As for us, we’ve got to bounce, seeing as the day after Easter means ONE thing: Cadbury Mini Eggs are half price!

See you back here this Friday for your weekly dose of social media updates!

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