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Welcome back to Spark Social Report by Spark Growth, your weekly source for social media updates! This week, Twitter Pin Replies are launching soon, Pinterest added real-time analytics, and LinkedIn has a new resource for B2B marketers. Continue reading for more updates across social media!


Influencer Marketing Insights

Not sure how to utilize influencers in your marketing campaigns? Instagram has published top content tips from experienced creators. Here are some key points:

  • Let influencers share their own unique story and perspective. 
  • Do your research on an influencer’s values to see if they match up with your brands. 
  • Ask for an influencer’s analytics to learn about their audience. 

For more tips, read the full list of creator insights here



Tweet Edit Buttons are in the Works 

Are we finally going to be able to edit Tweets? While Twitter is working on that, the company is also playing around with how to best display embedded Tweets that have been edited. Reverse engineering expert, Jane Manchun Wong, shares an example of the new phrase that sits under a Tweet that’s been embedded. Twitter was concerned about having editing functionality because it could lead to negative misinterpretations but this new message could fix that problem. If Twitter’s concerns are halted with the new element, then we could see an official edit Tweet function in the future. 

Pin Your Favorite Replies

Twitter’s Pin Reply feature looks like it will launch soon as a new introduction screen was also found by Wong. The Pin Reply feature will be found in the three dots menu, allowing a Tweet’s creator to pin one reply to the top of the thread, giving it the most exposure. This is similar to pinned comments on other platforms like YouTube and Instagram. This could be useful for showcasing that a notable person replied to your Tweet or content that you enjoyed and want others to read. 

Twitter Spaces Revamp 

Twitter Spaces could be getting a revamp. Twitter is working on a way to organize Spaces by topic and a feature called, “Daily Digest”. The company stated that previous reports of the original testing are now outdated, as it confirmed it is working on a revamp. Stay tuned for more details!

Tweets Per Month Counter

Next, the company is testing a feature that shows how many times a user Tweets per month. Beside the total Tweet count, there is also a count for Tweets per month that some users are finding intimidating. This could be beneficial to determine whether to follow someone based on how active they are. What do you this about this feature? 

Twitter Test Drive for Non-Users

Twitter is working on some new ways for non-logged-in users to experience Twitter without creating an account. Twitter claims to have a high number of users who aren’t logged into an account but view Tweets often. The new “test drive” will allow non-users to read Tweets while encouraging them to sign up for an account to receive more features. 

Twitter Blue gets a Price Increase

Twitter is increasing the price of Twitter Blue by 67%. Twitter Blue is a paid monthly subscription that offers exclusive features such as themes, custom app icons, and ad-free articles. The increase comes as a surprise as the subscription has not been very popular among users. Whether any new features will come with this price increase is unknown at this time. Would you pay the new price of $4.99 USD for these features? 



Research on User Ethnicity for App Improvements 

Instagram is working on collecting data about users’ ethnicity to improve the user experience. Be on the lookout as the app will ask select users to provide optional information on their race and ethnicity. Instagram stated they want to use this information to make improvements to the app with their Equity team and note that survey results aren’t tied back to a user’s account. 

Other safety measures the company outlines include data that won’t be stored for longer than 30 days with the partner institutions, it will not change how each person experiences Instagram, and it will not be used for advertising purposes. 



Purchase Tickets on TikTok


Get your concert tickets right from your favorite app! TikTok and Ticketmaster are partnering up to launch a feature for users to find events and purchase tickets directly on TikTok. Creators can add a link and select Ticketmaster to share an event link. The feature is currently being tested and select creators will have this option. 



New LinkedIn Collective Community 

LinkedIn has launched “LinkedIn Collective,” a community for B2B (brand to brand) marketers with resources from LinkedIn insights and leadership for other marketers. The company is promoting its platform as the source for B2B brand growth and will offer users insights into how to build a content brand on LinkedIn. Learn more about the community here and follow the official page here



Facebook Live Shopping is Shutting Down

Say goodbye to Facebook Live Shopping and hello to more Reels. Facebook is shutting down its live shopping feature on October 1 to focus on the video format instead. Users will no longer be able to host live events that include product playlists or product tags. Instead, the company suggests users tag products in Reels to gain engagement. Do you think Reels can replace live shopping?



Real-Time Analytics 

Pinterest is stepping up with real-time analytics! Marketers and companies will now be able to track performance more effectively by checking in on ads and pins anytime. The feature is available on the mobile app and so far, is only for pins, not audience metrics. 



New Sounds Creator Fund

Snapchat is launching a “Sounds Creator Fund.” Independent artists can receive grants for their creations, which users can then add to their Snaps. This is a great way to incorporate artists and offer them a little of what other creators receive for making videos. At this time, the program is only available to artists ages 16 and up in the U.S. 


That wraps up the latest social media updates for this week! Be sure to check us out on Instagram for more digital marketing trends and news. 

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