Want High Engagement on Facebook? Offer Coupons!

It’s difficult to beat Facebook’s ability to enhance client-to-business engagement due to the varied methods and tools at your disposal. Your business page can post quizzes, polls, share links, and promote special offers. Each one providing you with a specific return in the form of viral sharing, acquired information or attracting direct business, but just how much of a return are you getting?

Today’s article from Mashable looks at a Wildfire Interactive study of a randomized sample of 10 000 Facebook campaigns. The study aimed to find out which types of campaigns garnered the highest response rates and earned media. The major takeaways from the study are that a high percentage (86%) of those who come to a Facebook quiz from the News Feed will eventually take the quiz, thus automatically sharing the quiz with the rest of their friends list, creating a viral spin. Also, 74% of people who follow a News Feed link to a coupon will ultimately download the coupon (and likely use it to generate business).

Follow this link to the article to find out more info behind the data crunching!