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Twitter’s New Search Features

By April 24, 2018May 3rd, 2024No Comments

Searching for content on Twitter just became much more efficient. Twitter’s ‘simpler search’ has improved users’ search experience and its full realm of features will be available to users over the next few weeks. While some of the features may seem long overdue, including autocompletion and spelling correction, other features like “Results From People You Follow” may help boaden your Twitter arsenal.

1. Search Autocomplete: We’re not sure why Twitter hasn’t always had this feature. This will certainly speed up the search process.

2. Spelling Corrections: While you didn’t have to be a spelling bee champion to find what you were looking for, now Twitter is offering to lend a helping hand by offering suggestions for misspelled words rather than just a blank page.

3. Related Suggestions: Now Twitter does some of the thinking for you.  When you search a term, it will also highlight handles and hashtags its algorithms find relevant.

4. Results from People You Follow:  This feature may be helpful for brands trying to learn more about their customers.  You can now search for a term and narrow it down to results from people you follow, eliminating irrelevant results.

Twitter is a terrific platform for engaging with present and future customers and its search tool can help you accomplish that.  Searching for relevant hashtags in one way to find your target audience. For example, we’ve been actively using the search feature to reach out to potential clients for Quantum Test Prep, an LSAT, GMAT, and GRE prep company in Toronto.  We love the fact that you can search for terms people are tweeting about and narrow it down to a specific location.  We’ve been able to alert Twitter users to QT’s Prep’s practice LSAT questions by searching “#LSAT” within a 20 mile radius of Toronto. This eliminates sending tweets to people in Texas who wouldn’t find a course in Toronto helpful to their studying.

You can read Mashable’s full article on Twitter’s new search features here.

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