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Hello, dear Spark Bites readers! It’s been a minute, did you miss us? We missed you too; and with us, we bring two weeks worth of content to keep you entertained during the aftermath of Valentine’s Day.

Bumble is making waves for those single folks out there, LinkedIn added a live-chat option to connect with our peers, Facebook has answered our autocorrect insecurities with an unsend feature, and Pinterest changed the game when finding inspiration.

Light up your rose-scented candles and get yourself comfortable with a brand new Spark Bites by Spark Growth. Now, LET’S SPILL SOME TEA.


Although Valentine’s weekend has passed, there is still time for potential dates and newfound relationships. In an attempt to respond to Tinder Boost, Bumble has launched its very own “Spotlight” feature. For only two Bumble coins ($1.99 USD), Bumble users can be bumped to the top of the digital line for 30 minutes. Afraid of being judged for spending money on a dating app? Don’t fret! Spotlight won’t expose us during our trivial pursuit, and no one is called out for wanting some companionship.

Spotlight is here to help overcome our profile anxiety and the fear of not knowing where we’re positioned. Tinder is known to use algorithms and queues based on multiples components, such as image quality, profile popularity, and swipe history, while Spotlight ensures you’re being seen by all the hunks out there; so get ready to mingle.


Facebook is letting users “unsend” their messages from the recipient’s inbox. With the delete button, our crippling shame after sending an embarrassing message to a former ex, or sending a detailed yet personal message to a group chat rather than your mom, will forever be a thing of the past. You may be thinking, WOW! Facebook finally answered my prayers?

However, this new development has been in the works for several months and was noticed after many sources discovered that Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook messages were discreetly removed from various Sony’s executive’s inboxes. People were outraged when they found out that Mark was receiving special treatment (apparently we aren’t alone in sending embarrassing messages time to time… or every weekend). Shortly after, Facebook announced it would be releasing the “unsend” feature to the entire network. Talk about damage control. Although we’re not complaining; we got what we wanted.



1…2…3… Testing! Yes, you heard me, LinkedIn has joined in the live streaming business. LinkedIn Live is a new broadcast service available to its 600 million users on the mobile app. Many sources have noted that Linkedin Live will focus on new subject matters you’ve properly seen on your newsfeeds: Q&A, product announcements, press conferences, events run by mentors and influencers, and major announcements by top companies.

LinkedIn is working with third-party streaming services like Wirecast, Socialive, Brandlive, Wowza Media Systems, and Switcher to create a more polished live broadcasting service on LinkedIn.

Currently launched as a Beta test, this new feature is only available to those in the US, and on an invite-only basis. However, in the coming weeks, viewers will have access to a contact form for those who wish to try the service out. But, for now… we need an invite.


Typically, we would log onto Pinterest, repost the cute shoes, yummy pasta, and dream bathroom we’ve always wanted; and then switch back to reality. Now we can make our visions come true with Shop the Look, Pinterest Lens, and Instant ideas! Users can now discover products that align with their style and inspiration and bring their big ideas to life.

Shop the Look has been a great tool for those fashion/home decor lovers out there! Now, we can instantly buy a product through fashion and home decor pins: blessing our research woes! Pinterest has partnered with various retailers such as Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, and Wayfair, making it easy to instantly find the beloved product in the app.

Often times when you’re looking for something and are trying to find specific words to describe the object, it can be a losing battle. Through Pinterest Lenses, users can pinpoint what someone sees and places it into a search bar. Pinterest Lens can access our mobile devices to search for ideas based on the object. No more brain farts.

Instant Ideas is a tool where Pinterest has pins displayed throughout our home feed. The instant ideas become more personalized to what catches our eyes and become tailored to our taste.

From improving your chances at finding love, to finally breaking your streak of embarrassing DMs, and all the work, personal, and style hacks we’ve provided in-between, we hope you find these new features as life-changing as we did.

The teapot has now run dry, but you’ll know when our next batch is done steeping. Until next time, folks!

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