Social Media Is Taking Over Search & SEO

Today’s article comes from Wendy Bryant-Beswick from Social Media Today. She takes a look at social media’s role and prevalence in today’s search and SEO environment and why your business should be at the forefront of this effort. She makes a point in which I whole-heartedly agree: “without participation in social media your SEO and search effort is working at 50%.”

Your social media foot print can help spring you to the top of search pages, as well as work as a functional search engine itself.

Social media benefits businesses on multiple levels, most obviously by way of social engagement with customers, but also in the world of search and SEO. Picture this: your social media Twitter campaign allows you to interact with your customer, spread word-of-mouth goodwill, and make certain offers/products/campaigns go viral. This is likely what you think of when you imagine the benefits of social media. Now, imagine if Twitter can also attract non-customers to you through their search function. Bryant-Beswick reveals (through this Search Engine Land article found here) that Twitter ranks second behind Google in search engine popularity. This is astonishing and very relevant to your social media campaign.

Good content and smart online marketing can bring you the traditional benefits of social media and much, much more.

Click here to read Wendy’s article and learn more about these lesser-thought-of benefits to social media and why, if your business is not at least dipping its toe into social media, it is imperative that it does so immediately.