should you be on google+ ?

There is no decisive formula for a stellar social media strategy.  Every business has a different audience, different resources, and a different story to tell.  While it’s safe to say that almost everyone should be on Facebook and Twitter, not every social media platform is right for every business.  Google+ is one of those platforms that may be good for some but not worth the time for others.  Today’s article from customerthink.com lays out some food for thought regarding Google+ and whether or not it’s right for your small business.

The article mentions a few pros and cons of Google+. One benefit is that it’s a great way for your business to get discovered. Since Google is the king of search engines, listing your business on it’s Google+ Local Pages will increase your chances of being found.  Another pro of Google+ is that it offers a segmentation feature.  This allows you to organize your audience into custom circles and share information with only certain groups of people.  This a great feature if you want to reach out to certain segments of your online audience.

However, Google+ has failed to explode like Facebook did for many reasons.  When deciding whether or not Google+ is right for your business think about your audience.  According to this article, single men who are developers or engineers make up a majority of the Google+ population.  If your target audience is middle-aged mothers, Google+ might not be your best tool.  It is also much harder to engage with fans on Google+ than it is on Facebook.

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Is Google+ the right fit for your business? Here are some companies that are making great use of their Google+ accounts: