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In a move to make in LinkedIn more visually appealing and more in line with other more popular social networks, the business-oriented social media site has included a cover-like image to the header of their pages.  Here is a more comprehensive guide to the aesthetic changes:

All in all, the changes you’ll see will affect only the design of the Company Page. In other words, no new features will be added; just the look and feel will be different. Here is a general overview of the biggest changes you’ll notice:

  • More prominently featured page elements, such as Company Updates and the Products & Services sections of your page.
  • The ability to add a cover-style image that represents your company/brand to the top of your page.
  • The availability of Company Pages on iPhone, Android, and iPad apps.
  • A new look for the Career Pages section for select Company Pages.
  • A more obvious, prominently displayed option for targeting your Company Updates to certain segments of your audience.
New Homepage
  • Capability to add a cover image
  • Products & Services section now prominently featured on sidebar
  • Ability to target Company Updates is much more prominent when you click on the update field to create a page post
  • About section moved to very bottom of page

Products & Services Page
  • The main difference is in the right sidebar, which now highlights the names, job titles, companies, and profile images of LinkedIn users in the visitor’s network who have recommended particular products/services on your page. This is great news for marketers, because it puts recommendations at the forefront and displays testimonials much more prominently.
For a more detailed guide, please see this article from Hubspot.

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