How to Improve Your Email Marketing With an Integrated Approach

In the world of Social Media, there are multiple popular and established tools like Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp etc. with even more cropping up every day. By treating all these tools as working parts in an overall marketing machine and not simply stand alone segments.

Today’s article by Hubspot focuses on the importance of E-mail and also provides ways to further improve this tried, tested and true tool by integrating it with your business’ other various social media arms. It is incredible how easy much of this is–by simply adding a Twitter or Facebook icon to your mailing list, or by comparing your E-mail analytics data to your other social media tools, you can further your brand’s reach while also recognizing and improving on any weaknesses or shortcomings.

E-mail should be an absolutely integral part of your on-line strategy, as highlighted by the fact that the vast majority (65%) of the top business-to-business lead generators integrate E-mail with their social media approach, as opposed to the 51% industry average (according Aberdeen research study in the article). Full integration is the most successful approach as it gives helps you in achieving your brand reach potential as well as giving you your best “bang for your buck”.

The article breaks down five of the best ways to integrate E-mail with several tips and examples in each:

  • with Social Media
  • with Search Integration
  • with Analytics
  • with Mobile Integration

Make sure you click here to read the whole article as it goes into much greater detail.