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Effective Social Media Strategies Begin with the Right Tone of Voice

By May 25, 2012No Comments

Just because we have an abundance of social media tools that make it incredibly easy to set up pages and networks for our brand doesn’t mean it’s just as easy to fill in the content. We need to know our audience, our direction and REALLY know our company values. Content is undoubtedly king but without a specific style and tone, you could be missing an opportunity for reach and engagement.

Today’s article comes from Ben Padley of Social Media Today and discusses this important step: establishing your brand’s “voice”. The language used and the way you communicate with your audience across your various social media tools reflects your brand’s image. Values and attitudes, personality and tone are all reflected in the manner in which your content comes across. It can be a way to separate you from similar brands or, if you lack a specific voice, could confine you to obscurity.

Padley touches on the importance of establishing a voice for these reasons but also to ensure consistency throughout your entire social media marketing arm, especially in larger companies without a single social media operator focusing on multiple tools.

The tone you use suggests whether you are simply pandering out product information to whoever stumbles across it, trying to excite your viewers with information or are actively trying to engage and communicate with your audience. Twitter and Facebook allow a degree of true communication with a back-and-forth conversation through replies and comments and your tone of voice suggests just how engaged your audience may be.

Follow this link to the article.

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