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Good website design inspires credibility and trust, and helps you win more business. It signals to your potential clients that you’re serious about your business and willing to invest in communicating your brilliance to them.

So just how much does website design matter? A whole lot! And with serious business consequences.

Here we dive into the minds of your prospective clients; how they use the web to find you, and what the data says about how website design determines whether or not you’re trustworthy to consider for their need, no matter what service or product you may be offering.


1. Home page design determines 94% of first impressions
When clients were asked what informed their first impressions of a company, 94% responded that their impressions were based on design elements on a company’s homepage, while only 6% referenced specific content.

2. 92% of B2C buyers and 80% of B2B buyers will check you out online before doing business with you
When your company is brought up in a conversation, the first thing everyone will do is check out your website. It pays to have a website that boasts an intuitive user experience that enables visitors to retrieve the information they’re looking for and differentiates you from others under consideration along their search. To ensure you get the most out of your hits, your website needs to provide visitors with a superior experience that secures their trust.

3. 57% of internet users have ruled out recommending a business because of an unimpressive website and mobile experience
Your website says a lot about your brand. Potential clients may need to know that you’ve invested in experts and conduct yourself with attention to detail before they are comfortable doing business with you. Nothing says obsolete quicker than when your website looks outdated, isn’t mobile responsive, doesn’t support Retina display, or has a sense of “DIY.”

4. 75% of website visitors admit to drawing conclusions about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design
Even more may do it subconsciously. Don’t judge a book based on its cover right? Not in this case. People judge your professionalism based on you, your appearance, your business card — clearly appearances go a long way. Your website and online presence is no exception.

5. Two-thirds of time-constrained website visitors prefer reading content that is well designed
Design and content work hand-in-hand to make your website. Your content marketing has to be exceptionally good. That means helpful to your prospects, enabling today’s extremely task-focused visitors to find the information they are looking for quickly and accurately. Design should work to enhance your content, enticing visitors to stay, while offering a smooth and even delightful experience. A bad user interface can bury good, valuable content. A good website design makes reading all of your content — publications, posts, case studies, etc — easier and more enjoyable.


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