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Welcome back to Spark Social Report by Spark Growth, your weekly source for social media updates! This week, Twitter is making SMS two-factor authentication a Twitter Blue exclusive feature, Meta Verified is coming to Instagram, and Snapchat has launched an exclusive AI friend. Continue reading for more updates across social media from this week! 


Digital Marketing Insights 

Are you managing your brand’s online reputation? This is important for maintaining a strong presence and customer loyalty. SEMRush made a guide to help out. Here are some key points:

  • Monitor brand mentions and negative reviews with Google alerts.
  • Plan your crisis management strategy to react quickly to poor situations.
  • Choose influencers through lots of research and strong campaign goals. 

Check out the full guide here



Meta Verified is Coming Soon 

Paying for verification may be the new norm as Meta follows Twitter with a new paid subscription service for verification. On Instagram and Facebook, “Meta Verified” will give users a blue verification badge, more protection against impersonation, and most importantly, direct access to customer support. The service is being rolled out in Australia and New Zealand for web and iOS but is expected to launch in other countries later on.



New Alert for Community Notes 

To further handle misinformation with the Community Notes feature, Twitter has added a new alert element. Users who have replied, liked, or retweeted a Tweet that has since received a Community Note will now get a notification. This will keep users up to date on accurate information even if it’s a Tweet they saw previously.

Twitter is Charging for SMS Two-Factor Authentication

This update seems odd for Twitter and it’s already raising some eyebrows — SMS two-factor authentication will only be available for Twitter Blue subscribers starting March 20, 2023. According to the company, the feature has been abused and users will need to enable an alternative authentication process to protect their account from being hacked. However, this seems like it could have more consequences for Twitter than benefits. With Twitter moving many of its originally free features into its paid subscription, what else will become a paid feature in the future? Let us know what you think of this update! 

New Violent Speech Policy 

Next, Twitter is cracking down on harmful messages with its new Violent Speech Policy. Content is prohibited when it threatens, incites, glorifies or wishes any violence, and users will be suspended for violating the policy. Visit this link for more details on the policy. 



Upgraded Visual Display on Profiles 

linkedin activity section


LinkedIn’s activity section of the profile page is getting a visual upgrade! You can now choose different content types to see in the section such as posts, images, articles and more. This can help make your profile more visually appealing and display all your content types for users to engage with. The feature will be available for all users within the next couple weeks! 

More Targeting Criteria for LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has announced new elements for interest targeting. Advertisers can now target over 400 professional interest categories organized by general, product, or service interests. This is intended to help reach specific audiences more easily with LinkedIn’s ad products. The feature is available for all LinkedIn Ads globally through the Campaign Manager. 

Pin Important LinkedIn Conversations with Star Feature

Keeping track of your top conversations just got easier! LinkedIn has introduced a new feature that allows users to tag chats with a starred function in the inbox. Users can prioritize important conversations and find them later by using the star filter. 

New Features for Jobseekers on LinkedIn

Millions of people around the world use LinkedIn to share open job positions and look for new jobs. To make sure job seekers have the tools they need, the company added some interesting new features! First, when users set up their “Open-to-Work” tag, the platform will also help set up job alerts that will send notifications when a relevant position has been shared. As the saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm,” so LinkedIn expects that users that use this feature will be among the first to learn about new job postings. 

Next, it’s time to dust off your resume because soon, users will soon be able to share their resume with recruiters on LinkedIn. This means a user’s resume may show up in a recruiter’s search results. 

There are additional updates to support job seekers, so read the full article by clicking the link above. 

Improvements for Sales Navigator 

If you use LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, you’ll want to keep reading! The company announced some new features, including Relationship Explorer, a tool to help uncover individuals connected to accounts you’re interested in, potential “allies,” and it can even highlight warmer sales paths. Next, Sales Navigator Personas will support users in envisioning their ideal buyers. This persona will be highlighted on pages such as Search, Relationship Explorer, and on Account Pages. Check out more updates by clicking the link above. 



60-minute Daily Screen Limit for Teens

New safety features are launching on TikTok! For users under 18 years old, their account will be automatically set up with a 60-minute daily screen time limit. Once the daily limit is reached, teens must enter a passcode to continue using the app. This feature will help younger users manage their time and provide a reminder that they’ve been on the app for a while, because sometimes it’s easy to lose track of time while scrolling! 

Users under 13 will have a similar feature on their account and their guardian will need to set or enter the passcode to allow for an additional 30 minutes of browsing. TikTok also announced new “Family Pairing” features so click the link above to read the full article. 



New Changes for Penalty System 

Facebook is making some changes to its penalty system in order to make it more effective and fairer for users. There will be more focus on letting users know why their content has been removed from the platform. The new system also allows the company to act faster and make more meaningful actions when it comes to spotting violations. Learn more about the updates by clicking the link above. 



Improved Comment Search Feature

Reddit has improved its search capacity with a new feature that allows users to search comments within a specific post. The feature includes a search bar at the top of the comments section and is available on desktop, iOS, and Android. 

More Language Support and Mobile Updates

In other Reddit news, the app is getting additional language support. Users on Android can expect new languages including Canadian French, Dutch, and Swedish. For those on iOS and web, expect to see the new additions throughout this year. 

In the same Reddit post, the company also outlines additional changes for Reddit Chat, Vault, and mobile Crowd Control. Click the link above to read through the latest Reddit updates!



New “My AI” Tool with ChatGPT Elements

Snapchat has introduced an AI friend exclusively for Snapchat+ subscribers! The new chatbot feature called “My AI” uses ChatGPT to deliver an AI-generated response to any question. Users can give it their own name and customize the chat wallpaper. Click here to learn more about this feature! 

Restore Your Streak with New Feature

How long is your Snap Streak? Keeping the streak alive can be stressful at times, so Snapchat is testing a Snap Streak pause feature. The function will allow users to restore one Streak for free. Additional “Streak Restores” may be purchased and the company also noted that in the future, Snapchat+ subscribers can “freeze” their Streaks. 


That wraps up the latest social media updates you need to know about! Be sure to check us out on Instagram for more digital marketing trends and news. 

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