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What the? Screenshot notifications on Insta but possibly not on Snapchat? No fear, your weekly measure of Spark Bites is here with all of this week’s topsy-turvy social media news!





  • A small survey conducted by Facebook observed that among 537 people watching a certain episode of a certain show, their Facebook usage spiked enormously during commercial breaks. Not that this is revolutionary, but this suggests that commercials on live TV are being ignored while Facebook ads might have the advantage.
  • Facebook-owned chat app WhatsApp dropped a new update last week. Here’s WhatsAppening there: new features include Albums, which will organize photos for you automatically in the app, filters for pictures and videos, and a new quick reply shortcut.





  • Seems like everyone and their mother has been called out for mimicking Snapchat in one way or another, and now it’s finally taking a toll on Snapchat’s growth. Downloads of the app are down 22 percent year-over-year through the first two months of this year’s second quarter. In the last two months, iPhone user downloads of Snapchat dropped a devastating 40 percent.
  • This week has just been a nightmare for Snapchat. Now when you’re snapping your friends, you need to be more careful than ever before: Apple’s iOS 11 includes a ‘Screen Recording’ function which can record the screen while opening a snap without notifying the sender. Terrifying. Truly.


Email Marketing:

  • Business.com released a small list of factors to take into consideration when choosing the best email marketing service for your business. Check out these fast and easy tips here.


That’s all for today’s Spark Bites! Good luck getting through the rest of your week — hopefully you don’t have a bad case of the Mondays like this guy:

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