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Nitrogram brings Powerful Analytics to Instagram

By October 5, 2012No Comments

The Next Web recently posted in it’s Social Media section an article about a way for companies to use Instagram more effectively.  Companies have been jumping on the IG bandwagon at an astounding rate, realizing the photo-social media platform has tremendous potential to reach consumers.  Instagram recently overtook Twitter in daily mobile views, a huge milestone for the fairly new app.  But while these companies realize Instagram’s potential, they haven’t quite been able to leverage the program properly.  How do you keep track of what people are capturing and sharing about your company? And how do you show off all those great prints which users have uploaded of their own accord? This is where Nitrogram steps in.

How it Works

  • Anyone with an Instagram account can can sign and try Nitrogram for free.
  • Once you’ve landed on the homepage, you can then add any number of accounts using the “track a new term” button on the left hand side. It could be the brand’s official account, specific employees or even celebrities who are endorsing your product.
  • On top of this is the ability to analyse hashtags, which is set up in the exact same way as accounts and offers identical analytics.
  • The second key feature of Nitrogram is its ability to create custom galleries using Instagram prints. Users can head over to the ‘Photo Displays’ tab at the top, and again select either accounts or hashtags to bring up every applicable upload.
  • For those involved with marketing and social media campaign, these galleries can also be used to promote competitions on Instagram, where they can then be tracked via the analaytics on Nitrogram.

For a much more detailed report on Nitrogram and how to use it properly, head over to The Next Web’s post.

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