Facebook Engagement Case Study

Today’s article comes from Social Media Today and features a case study of a brand that learned how to engage with their online audience to boost Facebook fans and also sales. Atlantic Station, an Atlanta based outdoor mall, transformed their Facebook presence through a strategy that emphasized fan engagement rather than a focus on promoting the mall explicitly. The company began to shift their focus to posting content about topics like community outreach, local content, and pop culture/current events.  The results? Not only did their Facebook page grow by over 15,000 fans, but their sales were up more than 4 times the national average since the launch of the campaign.

So here’s our takeaway of the day: social media is about engaging your audience in a way that clearly conveys your brand and makes customers feel loyal to it.  The most important rule of thumb to consider when posting social media content is that only 10% should be purely promotional.  Part of gaining customer loyalty is by engaging them in information that they care about rather than overwhelming them with sales pitches.

Check out the full article here.