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A lot has happened in the last couple of years in the digital space, with a huge impact on how businesses market and communicate with customers and prospects online.  With Facebook Business Pages and Twitter accounts mainstream, what are the newest trends that are gaining steam and how will they impact your business?

Check out today’s article from Mashable on the 5 biggest up-and-coming digital trends – from Location Services that closely integrate with social apps, to new ad formats, to user-curated content, to mobile ads that are tailored to specific device types and formats (e.g., iPads), to a marketing approach that truly integrates across web and mobile.

These are interesting times and there are so many opportunities to reach your audience in new and exciting ways.  Check out the article and start thinking about how these trends can apply to your business to help you better engage with your customers, encourage sharing and ultimately increase your bottom line.

How would near field communication (NFC) and applications like Google Wallet work in your business?  Are customers using Foursquare, Path or other services and what customer insights can you gain from what they’re doing and saying about you through these services?

Is your advertising budget best using the latest technology, or have you been sticking with traditional media?

Have you checked out Pinterest, or other industry-specific user curation apps like Foodspotting as a way to see what your audience is interested in and a way to promote your business to new potential customers?

Are you thinking about mobile and the web as a user experience that should be seamless for your customers and prospects?  Is your website mobile-friendly and do you take advantage of other mobile apps in-store or at your place of business to encourage customers to stay in touch online via their mobile phones, when you are top of mind?

We hope these questions help you move in the right direction and push your online marketing program to ensure it keeps up with your customers and their expectations!

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