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So you’ve created a website outlining all of your products or services, describing your company and its values, introducing key team members and providing interesting content and easy ways for customers to contact you. What’s missing?

This article from Social Media Examiner suggests it may be pricing and cost information on your products or services. In some industries, in particular, finding pricing information online may be a major frustration and pain point for customers. This is where you come in.

By creating a page or section of your site where you explain pricing and provide information on what drives costs and impacts quotations for specific projects, you are helping answer your potential customers’ questions, building trust and credibility and also helping customers make the right decisions based on their budget and individual needs. AND, you’re likely helping your website get found more often.

Search engine optimizing your site based on all the most popular keywords may be difficult if you are in a crowded space or if you are a relatively new player. Pricing and cost information could be a key search term for prospects in your industry, so by creating detailed information on price and cost, you create a way to rank more highly than competitors on searches that combine major keywords with price/cost. So you can now draw customers into your site through pricing information, then lead them into other pages to view product demos, learn more about your services and reasons they should choose you, and request a quote or get in touch.

Check out the full article here from Social Media Examiner.

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