10 Simply Awesome Examples of Email Marketing

It seems we’re all about the lists this week on the blog, but don’t blame me… blame the fantastic tips, hints and social-media-life-hacks being written this week.

Today’s article from HubSpot shows us 10 great real life examples of just how good Email marketing campaigns can be. The examples laid out make us realize that Email promotion is not a dead, lost art but can be revitalized and used to surprise and hook customers. I think a fact that we can all agree on is this: when we get an eye-catching, useful email from a business or brand that we follow, it tends to be quite a surprise as these good emails are the diamonds in the rough. We’re so used to boring, generic and pushy, in-your-face campaigns that quality campaigns really stick out.

The tips seem somewhat obvious, no brainers when you look at them, but that’s the beauty of it: these little tweaks, edits and simple approaches WORK. By seeing these campaigns in action, you should be able to get some new ideas for a new or altered approach to your future mailing lists and promotions, and hopefully get a few more follow-ups and click-throughs.

My favourites tips might just be the simplest of all:

“2) UncommonGoods Creates a Sense of Urgency Without Being Pushy”

Tip #2 is so simple in its approach: a straightforward, urgent call-to-action message that would typically read “Act NOW” is simply transformed into a question, “Don’t you think [you’d like] a faster delivery?” The graphics are clean and, again, simple. The message pops out at you and gets through to you without making you feel like you’ve just escaped a desperate electronics salesman.

Click here to read the full article and to see just how good (and simple!) Tip #2 looks!