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We are excited to announce that Spark Growth is now officially certified as a women-owned business! While we’ve been proud to be women-owned and led for some time now, we’re prouder still to be recognized as a Women’s Business Enterprise by WBE Canada.

What This Certification Means to Me

As a female business leader who “grew up” in the corporate consulting world, I was often disturbed to see the statistics showing the relative lack of women in very senior corporate leadership and board positions. It was also frustrating to see only a few strong female role models in senior roles across the consulting industry and in the various client organizations with which I worked.

And while those numbers have slowly been improving here and there, I’m encouraged to see growth and strength in the percentage of privately held companies owned by women. I’m proud of the inclusive team we’ve built at Spark Growth over the last 6 years and the caliber of talent we have across our executive committee, our leadership team and in every single Sparkler. As we begin 2018, I’m excited to work together to deliver strong results for our clients.

A Diverse Team Driven by Values…

At Spark Growth, what we do is impact business results by developing savvy, measurable digital marketing strategies. But just as important, and core to developing those strategies, is who we are. We are a values-driven organization, which means we make key decisions based on our 6 core values. One of those values is ‘inclusive,’ meaning accepting of anyone and everyone qualified to achieve results for our business and our clients. The only thing we look for in a candidate is proven ability to deliver on the requirements for the position they’re applying for and alignment with our core values, regardless of their age, sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, ethnic background, beliefs or educational background. We’ve defined a talent manifesto that shares some of the specific ways we do this, and speaks to the importance of inclusivity, transparency and meritocracy that we see in today’s workplace.

…And Driving Client Results

We ultimately see the value of our inclusivity in the work we do for clients. As a company that develops brands and communicates those brands through social media, email marketing, digital advertising and web presences, we believe a diverse team results in a diverse set of perspectives that allows us to more authentically find, relate to and appeal to the broadest mix of people online.

We also value clients and other vendors with similar values and continue to look to build our network of diverse, inclusive, value-driven partners. If you’re one, drop me a line at [email protected], sign up for our newsletter or check out our services.

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