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Welcome back, Spark Biters! Spring is just around the corner, and we’re really hoping the warmer weather is giving you a boost of energy, because we’ve had a busy week of social media updates!

Twitter is the main contender this week: it introduced a camera to their app, it launched a beta version of its redesigned app “twttr,” and has updated its process for reporting tweets that share personal information. Facebook may have had an outage on Wednesday, but it is back and continuing to move forward! Facebook is beating its own path and designing a white mode, in literal contrast to Slack, which is releasing a dark mode. Instagram is allowing users to pause notifications on the app, and Spotify is teaming up with Hulu to give premium users free subscriptions!

Whew! We’re already a bit out of breath, but let’s dive in to the rest of this workout!



Twitter is having a very big week! First, it introduced a camera to the app that functions similarly to Instagram’s camera. This will allow users to swipe to the camera from the home screen and take pictures and videos to share in real time, rather than forcing users to upload content from the gallery. This update will change the way that pictures, videos, and live streams are captured and shared, which Twitter hopes will promote healthy conversation.

And then there’s “twttr”. Nope, that’s not a typo! Twttr is a beta version of Twitter’s redesigned app, which significantly changes the interface and the overall experience. Twitter says they are going for a media-focused approach to the platform in this version. In twttr, it has removed the “likes” and “retweets” counts from the tweets to make the visual focus on the content. Users can still select the tweet and see likes and retweets though, don’t worry! Twitter has also created a nesting system for the tweets so that threads are easier for users to follow and reply to, once again promoting more conversation. If you want to join in the conversation about the new app, and see what others are saying about it, you can follow the hashtag #LetsHaveAConvo.

Last, but certainly not least, Twitter is updating the process for reporting tweets that share personal information. This update will allow users to be more specific about what type of information is being shared, such as contact information, home or physical address, financial information, and/or ID numbers. This will help streamline the review process, and hopefully result in faster action from the platform. Props to Twitter for helping ensure the safety and privacy of its users!



While other social media platforms are focused on developing and designing dark modes, Facebook has been there, done that, and is headed in the complete opposite direction. Facebook is coming out with a white mode. They are designing this white mode to be more minimalist in design, and to have greater contrast between the background and the icons or text, so that the content really pops!

Facebook is also implementing a funding program to help create more original content for you on Facebook Watch. They are looking to fund projects that are successful on Watch, mostly short- to mid-length format programming that encourages conversation and the use of other Facebook projects. The best news about this program is that the publishers will still retain ownership of the shows, instead of Facebook themselves. That means lots of fun new shows will be coming to a Facebook near you!



Instagram is sending help for all those procrastinators out there who get easily distracted! A new update will allow users to block different notifications for varying lengths of time. You can block specific notifications like direct messages or Story posts, or you can block all notifications for any time between 15 minutes and 8 hours. So procrastinators, put your phone down and get started on that that project… and getting to that meeting… and maybe meeting that other deadline…



Slack is joining the ranks of platforms that offer dark mode. You currently have to opt-in to the beta program to test it out, but it is easy to enable and anyone can try it! Dark mode will help to conserve users’ batteries, and promises to be easier on the eyes of those who use Slack a lot. Hopefully it will even help you focus more, if that’s something you need! (Although if you’re still having trouble focusing with your Insta notifications muted, maybe you should consider some other workflow changes?)



Spotify is teaming up with Hulu to give you a media bundle package. For a limited time, Spotify Premium users can sign up for a free membership to Hulu, so they can listen to music and watch TV to their heart’s content! Unfortunately for our international readers, this is only available in the U.S. right now… and not to users who have a family plan… Petition to bring free Hulu to Canada! This message is endorsed by the Spark Growth Toronto branch.

Wow, that was a lot. We think that counts as our workout for the week! You can use it as yours too, we won’t tell your trainer! See you next week, same time, same place.

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