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Welcome back to another Spark Social Report by Spark Growth! It’s getting chillier so get cozy and read up on some of the latest social media trends and updates including Reddit releasing its first Reddit Radar Report. 

Social Media Trends

Twitter shines some light into new holiday Tweet trends just before Christmas lights start to go up! Marketers can leverage data provided by the platform to elevate their brand and drive business ROI this holiday season. Some holiday hashtags you should be using include #BlackFriday, #CyberMonday, #GiftGuide, #Christmas2021, and many more. The company also provided data stating that 40% of users on Twitter say that the platform influenced their gifting purchases, giving credibility to how the platform can be of use to brands during the bustling holiday season. 


Reddit provided users with new trend insights on the platform with its first 20-page “Reddit Radar Report”. The report collected data from over 100k communities on the platform, highlighting key interests that may be worth the attention of brands and marketers alike. The app identifies itself as a cultural radar, where communities regularly signal trends and shifts in cultural phenomena. Reddit stated, 

“With Reddit Radar, we’ll do the hard work of detecting early signals indicative of larger shifts in culture so you don’t have to. Look out for brand considerations throughout this report for strategic ways to tap into what’s trending on Reddit and the world at large. We look forward to helping your brand uncover today’s trends that will spark tomorrow’s culture.”

In the trends report, Reddit identified four key trends that have come out of the pandemic including, mental management, romanticized life, revitalized residences, and cognizant consumption. Marketers looking for broader trends or trends that are majorly impacting consumer culture can leverage insights from Reddit’s Radar Report. 


Social Media Updates


The app expanded its Video Kit solutions to bring Share to TikTok to web, desktop, and console-based developers. TikTok also revealed new third-party app partnerships for Share to TikTok including Clipchamp, Combo, Grabyo, Kapwing, Mobcrush, and LG U+. The expansion further enriches content on the platform and provides more editing options and avenues for creativity for users and developers. The addition of more third-party apps being integrated with TikTok also makes for a streamlined edit and upload experience on the platform. 



Facebook’s Commerce and Ads IP Tool is getting a refresher and has been renamed “Brand Rights Protection.” Brand Rights Protection helps companies protect their intellectual property (IP) while helping consumers avoid counterfeit products. With these new updates, users are able to search and report Instagram and Facebook accounts and posts that appear to be infringing on their rights. In addition, a dashboard will provide users with information to help them protect their company brand. 

Next, the company is also testing its cryptocurrency, “Novi,” in the U.S. and Guatemala. Head of F2 (Facebook Financial) David Marcus announced the pilot test through a series of Tweets. The concept of Novi is that users will be able to use this digital wallet to send and receive money instantly and securely without additional fees. In the Tweet thread, Marcus stated that Novi will demonstrate a new stablecoin beyond how they are currently being used and that Novi will change the game for people who are being left behind by the current financial system. If officially released, Novi shows a lot of potential in helping users on the platform dive into cryptocurrency.


In light of Women’s Small Business Month, the platform’s “#SheMeansBusiness” is hosting virtual information sessions. The goal is to help provide inspiration, education, and insight from other women-led small businesses that have persevered in their respective industries. Some things that the #SheMeansBusiness virtual training program focuses on include how to build and inspire your community, ways to succeed during upcoming holiday seasons, and business finance for beginners. It’s an initiative to help women with small businesses thrive in the competitive eCommerce environment. 

Facebook also introduced AR experiences called “Group Effects” for Video Calls on Messenger. Group Effects allows users to choose from a library of over 70 entertaining AR effects, allowing users to have an immersive and engaging experience with family and friends. Take a look at some fun examples below! It also gives creators the opportunity to expand their creativity and further foster their relationship with fans. 


Next, the company announced new tools for small and medium businesses (SMBs) including expanding audio live rooms, booking tools, and new ad prompts. The expansion of audio live rooms gives businesses the opportunity to host live conversations with consumers to address any questions from curious customers, all the while improving their exposure and brand awareness. The expansion for audio live rooms is currently only available for select small businesses. 

On top of that, Facebook is making its appointment tools available for small businesses, allowing users to set up bookings and scheduling. They can even sync up to popular booking tools for a streamlined experience. 

To further improve engagement and foster support for small businesses, Facebook added new prompts for users to engage with SMB ads, enabling users to “like” or “love” ads which will further improve their online presence! It’s an ideal time for Facebook to release new updates to help support small businesses for the upcoming holiday hustle and bustle. 



Users spoke and Instagram listened! The app finally expanded the ability to add links in Stories to all users and accounts. Previously, the Stories links feature was limited to verified accounts or for users with a specific amount of followers. It’s also an opportunity for new content creators to further their engagement and build their community, so regardless of your social media presence, all users will have the equal opportunity to grow their reach! 


Next, Instagram introduced a series of tests to help creators and brands better navigate the app. Some features it is testing include branded content partnerships, branded content Reels ads, and storefronts for creators who are a part of Instagram’s native affiliate program. Branded content partnerships features are meant to help facilitate communication between brands and creators. Businesses will also be able to increase their outreach with branded content Reels ads, enabling creators to help boost branded content on their feed, Stories, and Reels! 

Creators who partner with brands that are a part of the platform’s native affiliate program will also be able to add a digital storefront to their profile and showcase products they love while also earning a commission. Although these features are all still being tested, brands and content creators can look forward to improvements that help strengthen business relationships! 



Attention all Ed Sheeran stans, better known as “Sheerios!” YouTube has partnered with Ed Sheeran to promote and host YouTube Shorts featuring some of his latest songs that are exclusive to YouTube Short clips. Sheeran is one of the top 10 most subscribed artists on the platform with a whopping 49.1M subscribers. Fans can get a sneak peek into some of his new songs by visiting Ed Sheeran’s official YouTube channel and going into Shorts. Fans are encouraged to participate by creating their very own #SheeranShorts! This is an effective way to promote the app’s relatively new Shorts feature, which is similar to short TikTok videos.


YouTube also rolled out its “New to you” tab, a feature that includes a personalized feed of video content for viewers to discover new creators and videos. New to you gives content creators a chance to gain discoverability from users that they originally wouldn’t have been able to. YouTube notes that since the feature is personalized, it’ll be available to users who are signed in.



Twitter has incorporated Revue to its platform. Revue is a newsletter subscription that users can now directly subscribe to from their timeline. Additionally, Revue readers who have their email addresses linked to their Twitter account can now subscribe with a single click. It’s a way for Revue writers to gain more subscribers and help creators monetize on the platform. The addition is available for all Revue authors on desktop and mobile web. Users can expect an iOS and Android update soon!



After much anticipation, Twitter has finally launched Spaces for all iOS and Android users. This feature allows users to host a Space, an audio-only public online room. Hosts can also give permission to other users to speak by inviting them to co-host. Creators on the platform can also schedule a Space in advance so viewers can plan ahead. It’s key to note that users with protected accounts will not be able to create Spaces; it’s a feature open to the public, but private accounts will still have access to join and participate in Spaces.




Clubhouse introduced Pinned Links to its platform, enabling moderators to display a link at the top of a room. The new feature will make sharing links easier for users, whether you’re sharing a poll, website, or YouTube video! The addition was incorporated in hopes of making the Clubhouse experience more engaging and easier to use. Pinned Links is now available for all iOS and Android users. 




The professional platform implemented new features to help brands attract top talent. Glint’s Employee Well-Being Report reveals that employees who are satisfied with their organization’s flexibility on work schedules and location are 2.6 times more likely to be satisfied working for their employer and 2.11 times more likely to recommend working for their employer. With the data in mind, LinkedIn added new features that will allow brands to share whether their organization is working from home, hybrid, or on-site in their LinkedIn page header. 

The platform has also included additional spaces to allow brands to clarify their policies on vaccines, pay adjustments, and more. In LinkedIn’s point of view, workplace policies and transparency are crucial when it comes to attracting top talent. It also provides a sense of trust and confidence from viewers visiting the organization’s page which will further improve the company’s image. Talented young professionals on the hunt for a job will have an easier time clarifying company policies and environments by simply accessing the organization’s LinkedIn profile. 


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Social media platforms like Twitter are helping prepare brands for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Are you ready to leverage social media and drive business through the holidays and straight into the new year? Chat with our social media experts to see how you can optimize your business strategy with social media! 

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