How to Keep Your Online Reputation Strong

“Something bad has happened to your Business or Brand; something horrible. Either yourself or an employee of yours has damaged your Business’ relationship with someone or something. You have fixed it locally and internally, but what about online?You have implemented a tremendous Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign across all of your online properties. You were ahead of the curve, you listened to your Online Marketing Department, and spent money to go “tech” and embrace the Digital Era. You and/or your Business can easily be found through simple search on GoogleBingYahoo, etc. and now is not the time to be as accessible. Or is it?Social Media can be a tremendous tool to correct the missteps of your Company’s recent flub. Social Media Channels (FacebookTwitterGoogle+) provide a forum to help ensure your customers that your Business or Brand has accepted it’s mistake and is looking to repair the damage done. As long as consumers can find you, and the information you want them to find.

During one of these Business missteps Search Engines actually can actually help. You have a message to share, one that you want to be heard by as many fans, customers and prospective customers as physically possible, and Search Engines are a great tool to help you achieve this goal; as long as you know how to use them.

Bloggers, concerned citizens, watchdogs and others are going to be writing their opinions of what happened; how ever erroneous. Consumers and customers will be looking for the real story. The goal is that they find your version of story and your messaging, before they find the offending content, reviews or any other content that you did not create and for which you have no control over.”