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You Pin it, You Buy it

Food, fashion, and home are among the most popular board categories on Pinterest. If you’ve ever checked them out, you are sure to have witnessed the “I want these!” comments. It’s no secret that users want to own what they pin. Lucky for them, Pinterest will soon be granting their wishes.

Pinterest announced that by the end of June, users would start to see a blue “Buy it” button next to the regular “Pin it” button (1). While pins have always been linked to websites, they haven’t always been e-commerce or retailer sites. This has made it difficult for users to find and buy the products they pin.

Pinterest wants to improve the user experience by shortening the time it takes between initial product discovery and purchase (2). With the use of the Buy button, users will be able to buy directly through Pinterest with the use of Apple Pay or credit card (3). Rather than having to go to multiple sites to collect all the products in their pinned image, users will be able to get it all at once, with just the tap of a finger.


What types of products can you expect to buy at the end of the month?


Shoppers, make room in those shopping carts! It’s reported that Macy’s, Nieman Marcus, Nordstrom, and select boutiques plan on rolling out millions of products with the Pinterest Buy feature. The good news for online shoppers doesn’t end there. Pinterest will not be charging users or retailers a fee to buy and sell over the site. All products will be sold at their regular prices!


Who does this benefit?


With almost 73 million active users to cater to, there will be no shortage of online customers (4). When businesses are allowed to sell their products on Pinterest, they will be creating and pushing out more content on the site. More content means users will have more to interact with. At the same time, retailers will have another source of self-promotion. It’s a win-win!


How do you know if your business benefits?


If you are a retailer with a product to sell, the people of Pinterest are buying! With a large majority of these pinners being women – a whopping 85% to be exact – you’re even better off if what you have is something that women want.


While it may take some time before more retailers are able to add the Pinterest Buy button to their pins, it’s never too early to get your Pinterest presence in top shape. Need some guidance? We can help with that! Contact us at [email protected] or 646-389-2618.