Top 3 Mistakes Writers/Authors Make with Social Media: Interview with Jennifer Wilkov

Guest Blog for Your Book is Your Hook by Spark Growth Partners Co-Founder Elissa Liu following her interview on Women’s RadioListen to full interview here.

We’re huge fans of Your Book is Your Hook, so we were excited to chat with Jennifer and share thoughts on how writers and authors can use social media effectively. Most of us consume social media in some form every day – whether it’s checking out restaurant recommendations on Yelp, seeing Twitter hashtags fly across the screen while watching TV, or seeing what’s new with our friends on our newsfeeds.

And of course, social media can be a great way for writers and authors to connect with their audience and build a community around their business. The combination of a visual brand identity, the images/photos/videos you share, your tone, voice and messaging all come together to make your brand as a writer or author so much more tangible and real.

That’s why it kills me when I see social media not being used to its full potential! Here are the three biggest mistakes a writer can make when using social media, and what they should be doing instead:

Click here to see Elissa’s list of top mistakes.