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It can be overwhelming. You feel like you’ve just mastered implementing the latest social media tool into your digital marketing strategy, and suddenly there’s a new one everyone’s talking about. Ugh.

There are a lot of social media tools out right now, and if your company has visual or aesthetic aspects to be displayed, you should take advantage of them. Between Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and Snapchat, it can be time consuming to understand how to use all of them, and then if they would be helpful for your small business.

If you’re behind on the visual social media trends, don’t fret. We’ve created a handy guide to the four major tools out right now and whether they would fit into your business’ digital marketing strategy.


  • Perfect if your company has original visual content

  • Show your brand’s personality by posting pictures of what goes on behind the scenes or exclusive peeks of some of your products

  • Create and own an instagram hashtag to hold competitions and bring people back to your brand, asking customers to post relevant pictures and feel involved

  • Also great for your own research; use it to gather some content and ask users for permission to show their photos


  • If you’re trying to cultivate a lifestyle along with your brand, Pinterest could be a great way to inspire customers and connect with your demographic

  • Define your objectives to begin with to help you set a pinterest strategy; know what images you’re looking to pin/share and why

  • Focus on lifestyle, not products

  • Engage with others and create relationships with other brands and customers; repin their stuff and establish your expertise


  • Although the new Instagram Video has recently emerged to give Vine some competition, the 6 second video tool offers brands an opportunity to be creative with their content

  • Spend time envisioning what you want to whole video to look like and what you want to showcase

  • Have fun and show off your brand’s personality but creating a story, showing what goes on behind the scenes, or showcasing your product in a cool way

  • For examples, take a look at our blog on Using Vine to its Full Potential


  • Snapchat’s about creating relationships with customers, not leaving lasting impressions, so it’s best used if you send sneak peeks of your products or just engage in a fun, personal way with customers

  • Host a Snapchat competition – check our recent post on Snapchat Marketing for more inspiration

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