Thoughts on Thursday: How to do Google+ business pages well

Getting the most out of Google+

Google+ has been gaining momentum lately and there are opportunities for your business to take advantage. Part of the reason more businesses are paying attention is the increased importance Google+ now plays in search. Just like a Google Places page can help your business show up near the top of the page in a visitor’s Google search results, a Google+ Page has the potential to get your business found.

We’ve taken a look at 4 Google+ Business Pages that demonstrate good use of the tool, in terms of the aesthetic and design, the interactive, targeted posts and the use of unique Google+ features.



Pepsi’s Page does a great job of using the 5 image display space across the top of the page to create a single larger image. They post questions to fans (some about the product and others about music and other things their fans care about), run fan photo contests (for example having fans take a picture of a pepsi in their city or town), and post pictures of interesting Pepsi billboards and ads.

Pepsi Google+ Business Page

Check out the Pepsi Google+ Business Page here



The ESPN Google+ Page has a very real and exciting feel, with videos and live action photos of athletes and fans. It uses this targeted and engaging content and questions to fans to encourage comments and sharing.

ESPN Google+ Business Page

Check out the ESPN Google+ Page here



Williams-Sonoma does an excellent job of portraying its brand identity through the images and content on its Google+ Page. Photos of foods and the dishes used to display them are beautifully composed and professionally shot. They also vary content far beyond their products, instead focusing on topics of interest to their fans and visitors, like recipes.

Williams-Sonoma Google+ Business Page

Check out the Williams-Sonoma Google+ Business Page


Scott Jarvie

A great small business example is the Scott Jarvie Page. He has put a great page together that most importantly showcases his beautiful and interesting photographs, including those with his unique ‘Jarvie Window’ technique. His consistency and frequency of posts also ensures there is always valuable and engaging content for visitors.

Scott Jarvie Google+ Business Page

Check out the Scott Jarvie Google+ Business Page


Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to learn more about Google+ and how it can be best used for your business.