Spark Bites: Sharing is Caring and Also Monetizing

Spark Bites: Sharing is Caring – And Also Monetizing

Spark Bites is back from our mission to collect the latest and most relevant social media news and we’re ready for your debriefing! This week, there is a lot of focus on making sharing easier. LinkedIn has added new features to messenger, Facebook lets you now share your collections, and Instagram has created the option of sharing stories with a smaller, more curated group.  Here’s our report:


With the general shift toward more privacy in social media, Instagram now lets you privately share stories with more intimate groups. The addition of a Close Friends list allows you to have the option of choosing to share your story with a select few rather than sharing it with all your followers. If you’re viewing someone’s story, and you see a green badge at the bottom, it’s indicating that you’re on their Close Friends list. Lucky you!



Pinterest has announced that its algorithms are improving. Their newest recommendation process called “Pixie” allows users to see much more relevant content even if it’s less popular, which means that you’ll be less likely to see the same pins over and over again when you scroll through the app. Better late than never, Pinterest!



Last week on Spark Bites, we talked about LinkedIn’s version of stories, and now it’s YouTube’s turn. Yes, YouTube has released their version of stories, but it’s only available to users with 10,000+ subscribers. That means we’re expecting a lot of sneak peaks, behind-the-scenes footage, and other intimate looks at popular creators’ lives.

YouTube has also announced that their original programming will be free for anyone to watch. YouTube Premium subscribers will be able to view content ad-free, but everyone else will now have access to YouTube Originals like Cobra Kai and Step Up: High Water on the classic ad-supported YouTube model. The change doesn’t kick in until next year though, which means I still won’t be able to watch The Keys of Christmas in time for the holiday this year…



There are new features in LinkedIn’s messenger to make it more user-friendly and convenient, which includes voice calls, file sharing, and the option to expand the messenger box so you can type a longer message. However, the most useful among these new features might be the addition of the map. You can now search and send a location pin to your 1st degree connections, making casual coffees, meetings and interviews on-the-go easier. All in all, these updates are sure to make the transition from LinkedIn connections to IRL connections a little smoother.


While Collections have been around for a while, you may not have even noticed this feature. For instance, you probably have no idea what we’re referring to if you’re one of those people who saves posts you tell yourself you’ll read later, but then you never do (it’s okay, it happens to the best of us). This is because Collections are only accessible from the saved tab! For the uninitiated, Collections allow you to organize your saved content into what are essentially folders and you can now  share these groups of saved content with friends. Collections could be a new way to share your wish list this holiday and since friends can collaborate on shared collections, planning your holiday party just got easier too! …Depending on the friends, of course.


Mission: complete. See you next week for a new batch of social media reconnaissance. Over and out.