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At Spark Growth, we’re a firm that’s proud to do good. Not just a good job, but to introduce actual good to the world. As part of that commitment, we’ve partnered pro bono with Engage and Change for two years to promote their signature events, Project Winter Survival and Project Water. We’re honored that PR News recently recognized our work for Project Winter as the best nonprofit social media campaign at their CSR and Nonprofit Awards.

What is Engage and Change?
Engage and Change is a Toronto-based nonprofit that brings together individual volunteers and groups from companies to assemble the supplies that alleviate poverty and help the homeless local community to survive the often harsh weather conditions. In the winter, they host Project Winter Survival, bringing together volunteers to assemble kits that include cold weather essentials like hats, gloves, scarves and sleeping bags alongside basic need items like soap, first aid kits, and lip balm. In the summer, a similar event called Project Water creates kits with reusable water bottles, sunscreen and cooling cloths.

What does Spark Growth do for Engage and Change?
To support Engage and Change as they host Project Winter Survival and Project Water, Spark Growth conducts a strategic social media campaign that promotes donation and volunteer opportunities. We capitalize on these two events as key moments in time, but our robust strategy helps to drive conversation before, during and after these moments and our message carefully inspires feelings of community and giving, not guilt. PR News recognized our efforts for Project Winter Survival in 2017 during which our social media campaign played an integral role in recruiting the supplies and volunteers needed to assemble and distribute more than 3,000 survival kits. You can learn more about our work for Engage and Change here.

Digital communities are extremely effective to boost awareness, donations and volunteer participation – let’s chat about how you can tap into them! Email me at [email protected].

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