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Doing Holiday Social Media Well

By April 24, 2018May 3rd, 2024No Comments

buzzAh, the holidays. A lot of rest, a lot of relaxation and a lot of idle hours spent surfing websites and social media. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with your users through great content. A special, well-timed campaign can make all the difference going into a new year.

Best of all, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn— you name it, there’s a way to create a stellar campaign for it with some creativity. We’ve thought about holiday social media strategy a bit, too, so here are our tips to get you going.

Just Beautiful

Think about the spirit the holidays bring. The joy, the sense of unity and happiness. When you’re crafting blog posts or copy for links, keep this in mind. Writing should always be sharp in tone and sensitive to one’s audience, so crafting more inspirational and uplifting copy that fits in with your company’s brand is essential.

If writing “seasonal” copy is hard to imagine, don’t forget the power of images. The right colors, fonts and images condensed into a holiday graphic could spell higher engagement.

In other words, add some cheer to your content!

Sharing Galore

Engage! Because the holidays already have so many traditions and images to draw off of, having users engage with well-purposed popular themes and characters is a no-brainer. Don’t shy away from multimedia, particularly on those social media channels that encourage embedding.

Window Dressing

Think of how Google changes its primary doodle on both popular and obscure holidays. Why not do this on a smaller scale for your company? Facebook banners, profile pictures, Twitter backgrounds, etc. are all places to delight customers and get them in the holiday spirit. However, as with all of these tips, it’s good to know your demographic: which holidays do they celebrate? Make sure that you are not unintentionally alienating other users/customers who don’t celebrate a given holiday.

Looking for more strategies? A detailed and custom-made consultation with us is just an email or phone call away. Schedule a 1-on-1 to see how we can assist you.

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