What is NFC?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless communication device that many smartphones have and allows two devices to communicate with each other when they are close or “tap”. The same communication can happen between your phone and a small chip called a “tag”. It’s a very similar idea to well-known QR codes, but NFC requires much less effort as no app has to be open or installed, and there’s no need to worry about focusing or the lighting to capture the code properly. It’s an immediate, effortless and fun way to share information.

Have you been having trouble attracting people to your Facebook page? Whether you’re looking for new followers or hoping to engage more with your existing fans, a contest is a great way bring your brand’s online presence back to life. There are lots of types of contests that are easy to implement, so here’s our advice on finding the right competition to help revive your brand’s online presence.

Yay! You’re managing your business’ social media strategy! We here at Spark Growth Partners are proud of you. No matter the type of company and demographic, you’re really missing out if your brand doesn’t have an online presence. It can seem scary, but if you’re organized and have fun with it, it’ll pay off.

Managing social media accounts can be easy, and that’s why we hate to see it done wrong. Whether it’s bad posts, inactivity, or just plain rudeness, we see how easy it is for companies to not only ignore the power of social media, but use it in a way that actually hurts their brand. That’s why we’re happy to present our list of social media mistakes that are easily avoidable:

Guest Blog for Your Book is Your Hook by Spark Growth Partners Co-Founder Elissa Liu following her interview on Women's RadioListen to full interview here.

We’re huge fans of Your Book is Your Hook, so we were excited to chat with Jennifer and share thoughts on how writers and authors can use social media effectively. Most of us consume social media in some form every day - whether it’s checking out restaurant recommendations on Yelp, seeing Twitter hashtags fly across the screen while watching TV, or seeing what’s new with our friends on our newsfeeds.

One of the most epic social media train wrecks occurred a few weeks ago when a small restaurant in Arizona crashed and burned on Facebook. Its owners also trashed Reddit and Yelp “haters”, used four-lettered insults and displayed a level of craziness online that would put Amanda Bynes to shame. If you haven’t already guessed it, we’re talking about Amy’s Baking Company and what has to be their deliberate attempt to commit brand suicide.

Snapchat. Ever heard of it? It’s an app that has quickly become a staple on almost every teen’s smartphone along with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine. Created by four Stanford students, the app allows users to send photos and videos that are viewable for only up to 10 seconds before they self-destruct.