The social media landscape is oversaturated for the real estate industry, both commercial and residential. For real estate companies looking to build their brand and take advantage of the highly targeted nature of social media to drive sales, it’s easy to look at the landscape and wonder, “Should my organization be on 14 social media platforms, too?” The short answer is no. In our new white paper we evaluate and analyze data from the top 50 residential and commercial real estate companies (by transaction volume) on social media. The resulting insights are instructive for both commercial and residential real estate companies spanning a variety of functions looking to enhance their digital marketing strategy. In this post, we explore three key insights from our research. Residential is on more platforms, but commercial has greater following   The top 50 residential real estate brands operate 218 total...

mac-square-socialThe social media landscape is ever-evolving, with networks dying as quickly as they’re born. Similarly, the features on some networks change at the drop of a hat. With Facebook, for example: today it’s cover photos, but who knows what we’ll have this January. The best social media strategies adapt to these frequent feature changes.

The number one thing that you should consider when choosing a social network is the community around it and not the features it has: is your target demographic using it? If not, why are you? Social media is not one-way. It’s about listening as much as it is sharing.

buzzAh, the holidays. A lot of rest, a lot of relaxation and a lot of idle hours spent surfing websites and social media. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with your users through great content. A special, well-timed campaign can make all the difference going into a new year. Best of all, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn— you name it, there’s a way to create a stellar campaign for it with some creativity. We’ve thought about holiday social media strategy a bit, too, so here are our tips to get you going.

pinterestMany small businesses already have a captive audience with Pinterest: local retailers and eateries have special products that are practically begging to be posted to Pinterest. Now with Place Pins, those local businesses can receive even more airtime on Pinterest as their pins make the rounds. Travelers and locals won’t even have to leave the site to see contact information for the connected business, speeding up the buying process and leaving everyone happier.

Just yesterday, Google+ and Twitter unveiled two changes to their service that impact individuals who work with social media strategy: Google+ vanity URLs and Twitter photo preview in feeds. Social media offerings and features are always in flux, but here’s why we’re excited about these two small tweaks.

As a small or mid-sized business, your marketing team is probably small, and you’ve probably got one or two people managing your social media accounts. Any social media manager will immediately tell you that juggling retweets, LinkedIn posts and Facebook photos without a system gets sloppy very quickly. Adding another person (say, one copywriter and one manager) opens up even more potential for missed connections: more services means more potential for scheduling errors. That said, there are many ways to ensure posts are created and published on time, every time.