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Greetings to all Spark Bites readers! This week is jam packed with the latest social media updates so let’s get to it. Youtube is expanding its VR capabilities to allow creators to build more immersive experiences, Snapchat is launching a clothing line featuring you and Facebook finally ads an “unsend” option for messages. Read on for all the good stuff in this weeks Spark Bites!



  • Dust off that VR headset because Youtube has announced they are going to be available on the Oculus Go! This will be amazing for creators and offer up new content for owners of the Oculus. The new tool will be called VR180 and is available for available for Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. Lastly, Youtube has added the “head-locked” audio for VR, which means narration and background music remain consistent when you use spatial audio. Is this the real life? Or is it just fantasy?



  • Ever wondered how much time you waste liking cute pics of dogs on Instagram? Their new update is perfect for you! The new Activity Feature shows you how much time you spend on the app and allows you to mute notifications so you can take a break. This feature will be great for helping users with mental health monitor their usage. We all need a break now and then.



  • Open for business! Google has updated their My Business app to include a new post button which will allow users to upload a photo, create an offer or event and add it right to their Business Profile on Google. Users will also be able to connect with businesses via messages, follows, reviews or even booking for services. The new update will also let business owners know how many people are finding and connecting with you from the Business Profile! Sounds very useful for businesses of all sizes.



  • Is that Instagram or Pinterest? The pinning platform seems to have taken a cue from Instagram and has added a single pin stream. The benefit of this single pin is that it only takes one tap now to take you to the source website. It is also a lot easier to look through on mobile. Stick a pin in it already!



  • Snapchat is getting merch! The merch will be sold within the snap store on iOS and will feature customizable bitmoji characters! Right in time for the holidays, you can grab your bitmoji on a shirt, mug or phone case. Snapchat is also launching “Bitmoji Stories” where users will be able share fun comics with friends. Looks like Snapchat is really trying to push creating memories!



  • LinkedIn is turning over a new page. Well they’re updating LinkedIn Pages anyway. The update will make it easier to generate engagement and participate in relevant conversations. You can do this by associating your Page with hashtags! Users will also be able to do all this from their phone, which previously has been very difficult. LinkedIn has also expanded ways in which Page admins can share content, with the addition of document sharing in updates. Best of all LinkedIn has opened up to third-party API access to enable more management of company pages from outside tools aka Hootsuite! This sounds like a great page in LinkedIn’s book.



  • Redacted! Facebook is FINALLY bringing the “unsend” feature to messenger. Unfortunately it’s only in Poland, Bolivia, Colombia, and Lithuania…for now. The feature will enable users to remove messages they’ve sent within 10 minutes of sending, so you can correct mistakes. For those fearing issues of bullying, Facebook will keep any deleted messages for a short time in case they’re reported, which will ensure that trolls can’t just send whatever they want. All we can say is bring it to North America please!


Thanks for reading this week’s issue of Spark Bites! Make sure to check back next Friday for all your social media updates.

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