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Welcome back to your weekly dose of Spark Bites by Spark Growth! We’ve got plenty of social network news for users, brands, and even robots this week, so get excited.

Read on to find out more!


  • Robots aren’t just taking over jobs, they’re taking over resume-writing too! Microsoft has partnered up with LinkedIn and they’ve recently launched Resume Assistant. While a user is making a resume in Word, Resume Assistant can inspire them by showing them examples of how other professionals within their job industry describe their work experience and skills. (Think your resume is up to snuff? We’re hiring and would love to see it!)
  • The Terms of Service for the social networking site is getting an update next month. Here are some of the things that’ll be changing:
    • More options to control data that can be used to personalize ads.
    • Users will be given more information on their rights to their personal data and how they can exercise those rights.
    • Policies that will allow LinkedIn to take action against members who violate what’s acceptable.


  • YouTube is also cranking up the protection of privacy for its viewers, but in a very different way. YouTube is limiting the data that video creators can see in their YouTube Analytics demographics report. The data just straight up isn’t available for private or unlisted videos (unless it’s a video ad), and for public videos the data will only be shown if the creator gets enough traffic.
  • YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that YouTube Red would soon be expanding its subscription service to about 100 new countries. Not only that, but no doubt due to all the recent YouTube controversy, she announced plans to hire 10,000 people to vet content.


  • Facebook is introducing ‘trip consideration’ so that travel advertisers can target users who are in the process of considering a trip, but don’t know where they’re going yet. It’s a cool idea, but also, who isn’t considering taking a vacation? Not going to be hard to narrow that audience down, right?


  • Snapchat is currently testing a feature that allows users—including influencers and organic brand accounts—to tag other users in a Story. This will make it easy for users watching the Story to add the tagged users as a friend.


  • Twitter recently launched a new Bookmarks feature that lets you save Tweets privately. The best part about this is that now you don’t have to use the Favorite or Retweet options to save a Tweet, both of which would publicly show your support for the Tweet’s content. Most people are probably just going to use it to save memes though, let’s be real.


  • Instagram’s chronological feed …
    Is NOT coming back. Sorry for the disappointment.

    … Yeah, it was all just a rumor circulating the internet. The company currently has no plans to change its algorithm-based feed.
  • Both Instagram and Snapchat are temporarily disabling their Giphy GIF sticker integration due to racist GIFs being used on both social media platforms. Giphy is currently conducting an investigation into the matter.

And those are all the social network updates for this week! We’ll see you back here on the Spark Growth blog for next week’s social media news.

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