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Spark Bites: Instagram Gets Personal with Nametag Feature

We’ve got all the newest social media updates in this week’s edition of Spark Bites! Facebook introduces new ways to help prevent cyberbullying, Instagram gives users their own “nametag,” Google Maps makes your commute just a little easier, and more! Read on for all the latest social media updates.


  • Find all your friends in a less creepy way! Facebook is updating their “Nearby Friend” feature to show a broader view of where your friends are. This solves the issue Snapchat faced with privacy issues, while providing a similar service. While you may narrow down the neighborhood, it looks like you’ll still have to message your friends to find out where they are. 

  • If you need a job this holiday season but you can’t tear yourself away from Facebook, this update is for you! Facebook is allowing businesses to not only post job openings on their own page, but also in relevant groups. There will also be a way to sort and filter top candidates and assign tasks to employees who also have access to the page. Did we mention this can all be done on mobile? Now there’s no excuse to not apply for a job this holiday season.

  • Cyberbullying is a serious issue in a social media age, and Facebook is implementing some new tools to tackle the problem. They will be adding a feature that allows users to delete multiple comments at once, and a way for other people to report bullying and harassment on someone else’s behalf. Bullying is something that should never be tolerated and it’s great to see Facebook taking steps to make the platform a safer place for everyone.
  • Preview image sizes on Facebook may soon be changing. The platform is testing out a new size option for link previews. The image would be much more narrow and would be in a 1X1 format instead of landscape. The tests haven’t begun yet, but it is something to keep in mind, especially if you work in social media!



  • Well here’s a great idea! Pinterest has added a “more ideas” tab which will enable users to explore content that is relevant to things they have already pinned. There is also an option to easily organize ideas into sections. Finding new content has never been easier, and just in time for Halloween!



  • Buckle up this election season because Twitter has some new rules. In order to stop the spread of fake news, Twitter has laid down some guidelines in order to track down fake or bot accounts. The use of a stock or stolen photo as an avatar, a stolen or copied bio, and intentionally misleading profile information will raise the red flags for Twitter. Bots beware.



  • Snapchat is a shopaholic! The picture sharing app has seen great results after partnering up with Nike and Adidas, which has prompted them to push out four new e-commerce updates. Shoppable snap ads, product catalogues, advanced pixel targeting and 40+ new Snapchat partners are all coming together to create a unique brand experience on Snapchat. With the ability to quickly create ads that are relevant to users, all we can say is… bring on the shopping!




Google Maps

  • Your commute just got a little easier! Google Maps is adding a Commute tab that will tell users how long their commute will take and if there is a faster route. The commute times are for your saved addresses, such as Home and Work. There will also be an option for public transit users to see when they should leave in order to catch their train or bus! The Map app is also offering “music controls” which will allow you to control Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play music. The only way this could be better is if Google completely eradicated traffic. One can dream.



  • Quickly follow people you meet with the new Nametag feature Instagram has rolled out! While a similar feature already exists on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify with a QR code, Instagram allows you to customize your Nametag with fun colors and stickers! Alongside this, Instagram is launching a new bio field at some US Universities that will help you connect with people at your school easier!



  • Talent Insights are finally here! The tool will help recruiters take the guesswork out of hiring and give companies the resources they need to understand their workforce better. With on demand data and real-time updates hiring will be a breeze. Recruiters, HR and talent leaders will be able to understand market trends and hire the best possible people for their companies. Simple and easy to use, you’re hired!


Thanks for coming on this social media update journey! Check back next week for all things new in the digital world! Until next time…